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“Clear writing, an intriguing story. I would very much like to read more.”

—Frontiers in Writing Contest judge,
Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror Novel Category

“Clean, tight writing. Not a word wasted or out of place. Compelling, strong, intriguing, taut. A real pleasure to read such mature, competent writing.”

—SouthWest Writers Contest, staff critic,
Science Fiction/Fantasy Novel Category

“Definitely captures interest ... Carin immediately becomes an interesting POV character, with a nice sense of mystery surrounding her. Verek is intriguing as well. The plot is clear without being simplistic. The threat is tangible with a compelling sense of consequences. Intriguing that the danger isn’t simply the standard ‘gathering armies of mass destruction.’ A nice balance between the rustic sense of a medieval world and a voice that will be recognizable to the modern audience.”

—Steve Saffel, Del Rey Books, serving as judge of the
Science Fiction/Fantasy Novel Category,
SouthWest Writers Contest

“It is extraordinary! Remarkable! The only problem is I can’t stop reading it—how am I going to get anything else done? This is what happens when you get started with a writer who has the gift!”

Jan Peck, Author

“Powerful writing; a fast-paced story that’s part mystery, part heroic quest; well-drawn characters whose perceptive, eloquent, rapid-fire exchanges sparkle with intelligence: Waterspell has it all.”

—E.S. Smith, Critic

“Beware—not of the Jabberwock but of the spell woven in this finely crafted tale of love and mysterious fantasy. The strong narrative is firmly grounded in research of period colloquialisms, folk beliefs, and foods, so while one is immersed in the adventure, one is also absorbing cogent historical details. Quite a satisfying read!”

—K. B. Cotal, Teacher

“I am completely in awe. Felt like I had been bewitched, too. The characters are so good and believable and the dialogue so smooth and natural. How ever did you think it up?”

—F.E. Cable, Artist

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WATERSPELL Book 1: The Warlock by Deborah J. Lightfoot

WATERSPELL Book 2: The Wysard by Deborah J. Lightfoot

WATERSPELL Book 3: The Wisewoman by Deborah J. Lightfoot

“Exciting stuff with the promise of more excitement! It made me think of Graceling, which is one of my favorite books of the last few years.”

—A Macmillan Editor


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