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  • By telephone:  voice mail:  (510) 595-5589  call anytime 24/7.  This number gives up-to-date info on DJ Lebowitz happenings, and also takes messages for DJ.  If you want to skip the recorded greeting, simply press 6, and you can immediately leave a message for DJ Lebowitz.  If you want a call back, please clearly state your name and telephone number.
  • DJ  Lebowitz  occasionally  sends  mail to those who are on his mailing list.  This mail  lets you know about certain upcoming DJL performances, and other important DJL news.  You can be included no matter where in the world you live.   If you would like to be on DJ's mailing list, please send an e-mail to  .  In the subject line, write "email list";  and in your note, please mention the city or town, plus state and/or country where you reside.   Your phone number is optional.  Please indicate if you want to know about all DJL performances no matter where they are.  Otherwise you will probably only receive notifications of performances in your local area or region.   piano,  piano rock, THE rock piano player, the king of rock piano, DJ Lebowitz, piano-rock 

  • To get on DJ's  mailing list, send e-mail to
  • To book DJ Lebowitz to perform at your party, nightclub, concert, t.v. show, bar, cocktail lounge, restaurant, wedding, event, clothing store, shopping mall, bar-mitzvah, bas-mitzvah, etc. 
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