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"My favorite piano player!"  -Scott the Architect. 
"That was the most exciting thing I've ever seen!"  - Tony McKelvey of Tracy, Calif. and John of San Diego.
"i loved, loved, loved that show at hotel utah.  thank you for a great time, dj!"  - cj, commenting on the internet.
"Not boring like other piano players." - Ann from Norway.
"Wicked!  I was impressed." - Skanky Frankie from England
rock pianist, hard rock pianist,, rock'n'roll piano player
"There's no one in the universe to equal him" -Irish Greg, LIVE 105, San Francisco. 
"A formidable talent...phenomenal!" -  Nick Moore, stage lyricist, London, England.
"Awesome.  Fantastic!" - Anthony Hernandez,  Colorado Springs, Colo.
"Amazing" - Jaime Garcia, San Francisco    rock piano, piano rock, rock pianist, rock piano player, DJ Lebowitz rock piano player par excellence.
"The wonderful, the fantastic, world's rockinest piano player, DJ Lebowitz." -Poly Vinyl Chloride, host of the Pitch a Fit  program on Pacifica Radio's KPFA, Berkeley.
"Don't miss DJ Lebowitz....He's amazing!" - Ron Quintana, Rampage Radio, KUSF San Francisco
"More than fun....some kind of crazy energy!" - Adan Altamirano

T.V. Interview: DJ Lebowitz and Bruce Latimer (photo by Hali McGrath)

"His strange genius is still as transfixing as ever, his enthusiasm for hard rock piano still as refreshing, and his sound still as singular as it is weird." 
         -  Nancy Einhart,  SF WEEKLY 
          rock piano, piano rock, DJ Lebowitz, rock piano player
"DJ Lebowitz, the world's greatest punk rock piano player!" - Henry Rosenthal, drummer for Crime. ______________________________________________ "The most kickass barkin' piano genius in the world!"  - Elyse (Greedy Little Monster) Perez
"This guy is incredible!" - John Robb, the actor

"That was above sub-par!" Chris Berry, San Francisco Bar owner.
"I've never had my guests so excited about the entertainment!" - Nationally renowned wedding planner, Sasha Souza after DJ's piano performance at her own wedding!
"The best moment of my week is when I take the first sip of my cocktail and hear DJ Lebowitz play his first note of the evening at the piano." - Dave Mulholland. San Francisco.
"DJ rocks the house" - Anne Weshinskey, international circus performer.
"Fucking fabulous!" -Sheila Smartt upon the conclusion of DJ's piano performance at her wedding.
Coming to see DJ Lebowitz play the piano is my favorite time of the week!  -  Tiffany Heartbreaker
"I remember liking it" - Paul Rat.
" Support your local Lebowitz."  - SwankQueen.