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(DJ will be away the first two weeks of April.)
Disclaimer:  The information on this page is believed to be correct and accurate, but errors and last minute changes are possible.  For late breaking info, schedule changes, and/or cancellations please confirm each date listed at the DJ Lebowitz hotline:  510-595-5589. Listen for a recorded message with up-to-the minute notices.  Should any last minute changes occur, DJ will do his best to put that info there as soon as possible.  Last minute info, if any, is more likely to be at that phone number, than on this website. 

Due to problems with the neighbors, all performances at
The Square bar & kitchen  are cancelled until further notice.
1707 Powell St.
San Francisco.

DJ Lebowitz plays the upright piano 6pm until about 8:15pm Saturday,
March 28 and April 18 & 25, @
Saul's Restaurant & Delicatessen
1475 Shattuck Av. (near Vine), Berkeley, Cal.
DJ may play anything there.  The piano music won't be too loud nor too soft, and they tend to prefer upbeat music. 
Food & cocktails served.  All ages welcome.

                  DJ rocks the upright piano at


83 First St.

San Francisco, Cal.

Admission free

21 + over 

about 5:30pm until 8pm or later,

  Tuesday  March 31.

Tues. Apr. 21 & 28

Noir Lounge:

Wednesday April 15, 22, & 29,  2015

7pm until 10pm

the Noir Lounge

581 Hayes St.

San Francisco

DJ will be playing  soft background music here.

Noir Lounge serves beer, wine, liquor, and food. 

  DJ Lebowitz rocks the piano at the

Madrone Art Bar

Friday, March 27

and April 17 & 24.

6pm until 9pm

500 Divisadero St @ Fell

San Francisco.


Late breaking news and/or cancellations, if any, can be found by calling 510-595-5589, and listening to the recorded announcements.




Jan. 2011 at the Madrone in San Francisco
Photo by Cathy 2-Tone

Please note:  The information on this page is believed to be accurate, but last minute changes are possible.  Call    DJL's voicemail number anytime @ (510) 595-5589 to confirm any performance that you plan to attend.  Every effort will be made to announce any last minute changes or cancellations.  Listen for a recorded announcement.  Thank you. DJ's old voicemail number (415) 995-2689 has been changed to (510) 595-5589.


.DJ Lebowitz plans to take a couple weeks off April 1 thru Apr. 14, 2015.




.  Check back for updates.


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