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Comments from people who have seen DJ Lebowitz's VOCAL performance at the piano:

"I went to see Lebowitz play at some seedy bar in the city.  As I walked in, he was sitting in front of the piano sweating like a hog, eyes blinking a million miles an hour..., screaming "YOU'RE JEALOUS AGAIN!!!!!"  I got a pitcher of beer and sat down to one of the most enjoyable evenings of my life.  Lebowitz played for hours, doing wonderful versions of DEAD KENNEDYS, FUCK-UPS, 7 SECONDS AND BLACK FLAG songs with 10 times the power and energy than they were originally done.
     "He also did plenty of originals that mainly consisted of him barking, howling and foaming at the mouth.  Words cannot describe the inspiration I felt that night.  I haven't had that much fun at a show since the first time I saw the RAMONES (a band Lebowitz also covers).  The guy renewed my faith in punk rock, and if every punk band could have one member with half the character that Lebowitz displayed that night, the world would be a better place.... so if he comes to your town, I strongly recommend you take a chance on him rather than  going to see FUGAZI for the 35th time."     - Ben Weasel.  Maximum Rocknroll.

"i loved loved loved that show at hotel utah!  thank you for a great time, dj!"  - cj commenting on the internet.
"This slightly unstable San Francisco punk pianist and KFAI airplay favorite is notorious for anarchic cover songs and demented originals.  His performance at Speedboat Gallery a few years ago is etched in my memory, and a total blur at the same time."   - Meyer.  City Pages.  Minneapolis, MN.

"D.J. Lebowitz provides what the bottom line for every performer should be -- sheer entertainment."  -  Tony Berto,  THE MERCURY, Guelph, Ontario.


"Believe me, you'll never forget an evening with DJ Lebowitz!" - Dave Siglin, The Ark, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

"DJ Lebowitz is the Piano Man gone mad."  Squeak.  S.F. Weekly.
"DJ Lebowitz is NOT A DISC JOCKEY (as his flyers will have you know).  He is a somewhat stout, arguably demented gentleman whose gentle demeanor suggests that when he assumes his seat at the piano he might serve up a spot of Haydn or perhaps a touch of Brahms.  Instead, DJ, who is NOT A DISC JOCKEY, tore through a host of of punk classics, assaulting the tiny Tip Top Inn (still unhip enough to be  cool) with the Fuck-Ups' "I Think You're Shit," the Fugs' "Wet Dream" and Dead Kennedys' "Let's Lynch the Landlord."  I'm pretty sure he's not kidding.  You must go see this man; his genius must not go unappreciated.  Buy his [7" single] "Smoke, Suffer, and Die," if you can find it.  I would have taken some photos in the place but feared the ocular damage my flash might've caused the deep-Mission [district] vampires present.  Brian Brannon, late of the punk icons JFA [Jody Foster's Army]  was on the piano-core bill as well."
- Greg Heller, BAM Magazine