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Hi,Everybody. Thanks for
visiting my website.  Here are some e-mails I have received:


" DJ,
I saw you play at Creighton University....  I skipped my creative writing class.  My friend Jenna and I had a great time.  Never laughed so hard in my life.  I nearly peed myself.  Most certain that Jenna did (herself, not me).  Our grades were negatively affected.  For what it's worth, I'd do it again....  I cannot wait for your new recording or the reissue for that matter...."
                     lots o' love from the shithole,
Subject:  I love your music!!
I am so glad that I recently decided to look your name up again on the internet...Last time, oh say, about three years ago, I could find nothing on you... I only heard your music once about 5 or 6 years ago on Canadian radio when I was travelling around Vancouver, but your "Airplane" suite left an indelible mark on my memory.  I'll never forget that August evening driving through rain and pitch black listening to your fantastic music and being blown away, not by the unfamiliar terrain of the roads, but by the unfamiliar terrain of your music.... I've been spreading your name and legend all across the New York record scene and I think it's high time New York enjoyed some of your genius...hopefully you'll come out and show us what punk piano is all about??
Junie I.
(Note:  Since receiving this note I have performed in New York City a few times.  Junie brought some friends and everyone had a ball.)

Here is some e-mail I received in the aftermath of my historic performance June 3rd at Hotel Utah in San Francisco:
"WOW  What a great night last night was!  Thank you DJ for putting on such a dynamite performance.  I was thrilled to hear the great tunes which are imprinted on my memory from our days at the Sound of Music.  I loved hearing 'Airplane' 'Welcome to my Humble Home' 'Greedy Little Monsters' and 'Looking for a Room' again.
Great song selection.  All the great originals and cover tunes. 
"That sure was great.  I hope you don't mind my sayin so.
"DJ, you really are an important part of my experience living out here on the west coast...."
-  Jay Rosen
"Go go, DJ!
YOU WERE ON FIRE LAST NIGHT.... EXCELLENT show.... I hope you had fun....  I sure did.... When are you going to do another show like that?..... Yeah, DJ!!!!! You have many fans"
Liz Byrne
of the Reaction. 
"Hey, DJ!  Man, we had a blast!"
- Roland West of Island Def Jam Recordings, and former radio personality on KROQ Pasadena and KQAK San Francisco.
"The performance at Hotel Utah was awesome.  You spoiled us for sure." 
- Curtis Halstead
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