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Fowl Records put out two vinyl records by DJ Lebowitz:


Beware of the Piano.  This is DJ's original long playing record on 12 inch vinyl.  It is currently out of print.

Songs on Beware of the Piano  include:  "Greedy Little Monsters;"  "Bedtime Tears;"  "Lousy Personality;"  "Judy is a Punk" by the Ramones;  "Airplane" which has 4 parts to it, namely "Airplane," "Zombi," "The Barking Song," and  "Doggy";  "Holiday in Cambodia" by Dead Kennedys;  "My Humble Home; " "The King of Happiness;" "Because of my Hemorroids;" "Jump Start my Heart" written by John Iversen of the Stickers; "Racism Sucks" by Seven Seconds; "Breathe on Me"; and "Have Hope." 

Unless otherwise indicated all songs are written by DJ Lebowitz.




"Smoke Suffer, and Die"  a 7 inch  33rpm single on red vinyl.  The  B side is an instrumental version of "Starting Again" by the late Eric Stuart who used to sing this song with his band  Learning Corporation.  The only commercially released recording of this song is the DJL rendition on this disk.
This record is not widely available in stores at this time.  However, there may be a few available in the near future in San Francisco and Berkeley stores in California, and by mail order.  If and when that happens, you'll find the details here on this page.

At this time, DJ Lebowitz's Beware of the piano is not available for purchase.  However, you can listen to a few cuts off the album at www.myspace.com/rockpiano .  A limited number of the "Smoke, Suffer, and Die" 7 inch is currently available.  For more information or to get on the DJ Lebowitz mailing list, contact DJ at

A new album from DJL is long overdue.  He's working on it, but like his first album, it will be a long time in coming.  We'll keep you posted.

Fowl Records has now gone defunct. 

Jeff Lowery, owner of the 1313 Club and the Pterodactyl Club in Charlotte, North Carolina called BEWARE OF THE PIANO  the best album of the year.

BEWARE OF THE PIANO hit #1 at KALX Berkeley,CAL and at KJHK Lawrence,Kansas. It hit #2 at CJAM Windsor, Ontario, and charted on many other stations in North America and Europe.

"Smoke, Suffer, and Die" has hit the charts in California and Illinois.  Someone wrote on the cover of a copy of the record sitting in the record library at WZRD radio in Chicago, "This song is getting played way too much!" 
"Smoke, Suffer, and Die" has helped to make DJ Lebowitz one of the most unpopular piano players in America today!