The Skylark - We've Been Framed!

The adventure of The Skylark continues with the framing.

We were pleasantly surprised to discover that the framing began the week of 1-Dec-2003. Our excitement grew as we saw the living space of our new home begin to take shape. Funny (to us) how the house seems so much smaller in this condition. Then again, with all the cross-bracing to steady the walls until the roof goes up, it IS very cluttered...

These pictures were taken on Sunday, 7-Dec-2003.

Lori Stands In The GarageLori stands amid the framing of the garage. There's no concrete floor yet. Probably because temperatures have been dipping below freezing at night rather consistently for the last couple of weeks.

The area had a bit of snow two days prior (the same storm that dumped 10+ inches on the east coast) and some of the pictures we didn't post showed the remnants of the snow finally melting away.

View Toward the Front of the House from the DinetteThis is the view from the dinette area toward the front of the house. Compare this to the model pictures and the view of the kitchen from the dinette.

View Toward the Front Door from the DinetteHere's a view from the dinette toward the front door.

View Toward the bedrooms from the DinetteHere's a view from the dinette toward the bedrooms. Lori stands in the master bedroom.

The basement stairsView down the basement stairs. We're about to visit our basement and actually be in it for the first time.

Adrift in the basementThat's me (David) seemingly "straddling the driftwood" in the basement.

Mud, mud, go away!That's me (David) again seizing the opportunity to wash some of the mud off my shoes before we return to the car.

Here's a "panoramic" view of the outside of the house, as it stands today:

Northwest Corner Northeast Corner

Back, North to South Back, South to North

Southeast Corner

Hopefully, next week's pictures will show the roof at least up, if not papered and shingled.

These pictures were taken on Sunday, 14-Dec-2003.

First Snow on the RoofWe have a roof!

There's no felt, vents or shingles yet, but we do at least have a roof!

We had a bit of snow overnight. In fact, I was feeling the effects of "cabin fever" the night before. So, we drove out in the snow to see the house at night.

Some of our neighbors' homes are nicely decorated, and that was fun to see. We drove the neighborhood looking for Christmas lights.

First Christmas WreathWe can't be "in" the house for the holidays, but that didn't stop us from decorating.

The stake marks the location of the "buffalo box", the main water shut-off at the street.

Lest you think us TOO strange, there is another house under construction around the bend where the buyers have a small snowman with a red bow attached to their stake. Gee - we thought we were *SO* original!

Mounting The Stairs - again!Since the basement will be the new home of what remains of DJE Systems, it's only natural that I'd be down there. Lori took this picture of me coming back up.

Hopefully, next week's pictures will show the roof shingled, and maybe some windows in place.

These pictures were taken on Sunday, 21-Dec-2003.

Roof with ShinglesWe have shingles on our roof!

That makes a big difference because now the interior work can proceed. In fact, it already has!

These pictures will now overlap with the rough-in pictures - we have both this week. Up until now, these pictures have been sequential.

The Fireplace is built!We have a fireplace!

We were concerned about the builders being able to mix and use mortar under such cold conditions. Turns out they have a few neat tricks of their own trade!

The Fireplace from outsideThe fireplace as viewed from the back yard.

We didn't take a picture of the fireplace foundation which runs down to the basement floor. Remember the "jut out" in the basement from the Hole and The Basement? Well, that's only three sides of the fireplace footing. From the basement floor up to the top of the basement wall we have cement blocks supporting the all-masonry fireplace.

Notice here that the brick work runs all the way to the top of the chimney. Too bad we couldn't build a fire - the house is still very cold until they finish closing it up!

These pictures were taken on Friday, 26-Dec and Saturday, 27-Dec-2003.

Windows and Doors!We have windows and doors!

We weren't sure much would happen this week, Thursday being Christmas. When we arrived to take these pictures on Friday, 26-Dec, a fellow was loading debris from the front yard into a pickup truck to haul it away. Another fellow, presumably the heating guy, was working in another house around the bend from ours.

Lori admires the week's progressLori admires the week's progress.

The door between the garage and the laundry room is visible behind her.

Lori anticipates a giant stepLori anticipates a giant step.

The door between the garage and the laundry room appears as a giant step for one woman since the garage floor is still absent. At least there's lots to hold onto while climbing up into the house this way.

The patio doorsLori admires the patio doors.

These sliding doors lead to where the patio area will be initially and later on a deck.

Lori at the front doorLori answers the front door.

Well, not really, since there's no front walk yet and the step from the ground to the front door is even larger than the one in the garage.

The master bedroom windowsThese are the windows in the master bedroom as viewed through the studs of the wall between the master bedroom and the hall.

Overhead, it's obvious that the soffits are still open and haven't been closed up yet. More stuff that needs to happen before the heating contractor comes in.

These pictures were taken 7-Feb-2004:

The outside - finished?The siding is finished as are the soffits and gutters. The house is fairly well closed up now. The heating contractor has connected the furnace temporarily so the drywall people can do the taping and mudding.

The front soffits

The front entrywayCompare this with a similar shot in the model pictures.

These will likely be the last outside pictures until the front walk and garage floor can be poured and the asphalt driveway laid.

Update - 21-Feb-2004:

The garage floor is still missing, but the garage ceiling has been sheet-rocked. That's why there was big gas heater going in there last week. So, that will have to wait for some warmer weather, we suppose...

From here, we move on to the rough-in pictures!

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