The Skylark - Drywalled

The adventure of The Skylark continues with the Drywall and other rough finishing.

This is what was done since Tuesday evening, 3-Feb-2004 when we went in to put in our additional telephone and cable/antenna TV lines. The corners and taped joints need to be mudded and feathered in preparation for priming and painting. We expect this take about two more of the remaining six weeks between here and the projected closing date.

These pictures were taken 7-Feb-2004:

The drywall is up!The drywall is up! There's no more uncovered framing. Well, except for the basement stairs. Maybe we'll close that up later on, after we've been in the house for a while. Compare this to a similar shot in the model pictures looking toward the front door from the dinette.

View from the dinette toward the garageThis is the view from the dinette looking toward the garage. Compare this to a similar shot early in the framing pictures.

View from the living room toward the kitchenThis is the view from the living room looking toward the kitchen. Compare this to a similar shot in the model pictures.

The fireplace, drywalledThe fireplace is now surrounded by drywall instead of bare framing.

The workers left their stuff in the house so they can startup first thing Monday. The scaffold is visible to the left, and a piece of drywall is laying on the hearth.

The spa tub, dirtySomeone's going to have to clean the tub before Lori can have her bath!

The soffits are done!The soffits are done! This is how they finally closed up the house to where the heat being on does some good before the drywall went up.

The front doorThe entry way is sided and ready for concrete. When a house is built during the warm months, they pour the front walk first, then the siding goes around the concrete. Our house is the other way. We'll have siding behind the concrete.

These pictures were taken 14-Feb-2004:

The mudding and sanding in progressThe drywall is being mudded and sanded. No quick-dry stuff here! You can tell they're taking the long road.

The mudding and sanding in progressHere's the view from the living room toward the kitchen again. The difference is visible.

The spa tub, really dirtyBoy! That tub is going to need some SERIOUS cleaning before Lori will go in there!

Hopefully, next week's pictures will show the mudding, feathering and sanding just about done.

These pictures were taken 21-Feb-2004:

The drywall's been painted!Not only is the mudding, sanding and feathering done, we've been spray-painted white! ...and we have cabinets!

Cabinets AND floors!We have bathroom vanities! ...and floors!

Hard to tell in this picture - there's heavy paper taped down to protect the floor tile - the floor tile has been laid! See the kitchen pictures here and on the Almost Done page.

Bathtub tilesThere's ceramic tile around the spa tub. Still in progress...

We'll continue on the Almost Done page...

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