Diana's TMG Example Page
I am NOT affiliated with Wholly Genes in any way, I just like The Master Genealogist  program and like to share what I've learned. 

I have tried several Genealogy Data Recording Programs and I like TMG the best !!!!!! 

That said, it is a program that will let you do anything you want, once you know what you want to do. 

I find that most of my time is taken in figuring out how I want to record certain types of data or what I want in say a partial GEDCOM. 

I thought I'd share the results of some of my deliberations and learn about creating and maintaining  a Net page at the same time. 

The items I feel might be of interest to others are listed below and each page has a more indepth description of what I am trying to do. 

List of TMG Example Procedures: 
These are not the only way to do these thing is TMG.  There are probably many many many  ways to do any given operation in TMG, these are just what has worked for me
If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at: djebegeman@earthlink.net