Recording a Head of Household for a Census
1.  From the person screen for the Headof Household select the TAG menu option on the top of the screen. 
2.  Choose "Add Tag from List".  Then "Cen-Head" 
3.  spaces as in the table below.  For an actual example click here:
  • Head of Household
  • Number of the Census Person identifying this Census Entry 
  • This creates a linked entry to this person from both the Individuals Person Screen and the Census's Person screen. 
  • It allows for a list of all  people on the census to appear on the Census' Person screen.
  • Date Census was taken
Sort date: 
  • I use this to put the people in the order I want, I will set the date for the head of household to several days back to ensure that he is the first person in the Census Tags lists on the Person screen.
  • Also, if you have more than one family in this census that were enumerated on the same day you can use this sort date to put the FAMILIES that were in the Census in a certain order (see example for individual detail report).
  • Memo: 
    • This contains all the information specific to this person. 
    • The format used is as follows: "specific information."||"name as spelled in census".  In the TMG manual terms this is "M1"||"M2" 
    • The Sentence structure inserts the exact spelling of the name in the appropriate place in a Genealogy report.
    • See example in the Genealogy Report
    The Source
    • Citation is the same as  for any tag.
    • The Witnesses for this Tag are all of the people who were enumerated with this person.
    • This creates a linked list of people on the head of households person screen for all the individuals that were enumerated with him/her. (see example for: Head of Household Person screen).
    • If you choose "from the picklist" you can select all the witnesses at once and not have to repeat the addition of enumerated people for each witness as you would if you used the id number.
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