Main Design Requirements: 
1)  To be able to enter the data once for each person.  This means that after I've entered the data directly from the census once it show up in all the places I want it to. 
2)  To be able to make a list easily of which census records I'd looked at and who was on each one without having to relook at the original census document.  I wanted to be able to do this by year or by state. 
3)  To be able to get a list of all the information that had been on the census document for each  individual or just a list of which people were there for research purposes. 
4)  To be able to see easily whether the person had been a head of household or was enumerated with  someone and who was either enumerated with them or who they were enumerated with. 
5)  The census information to show up in reports under the correct person with the head of household or persons enumerated with included in the sentence structure. 
6)  I do pull the information out for Birth and marriage tags and such but there is no way I have determined to automatically do this so it is not included in this system. 
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