Recording Census Data in TMG 

I am tracking my Family History and use a program named The Master Genealogist to track my information. 

I created a system for tracking Census records and thought this would be a good place to put that procedure so others could see it. 
I did not come up with the ideas in this procedures, I took ideas I heard many places and combined them in a way that provided me with what I wanted for entering this information.  I would love to hear ideas for improving/adapting my system. 
I. Main Design Information: 
II. Initial Setup for Main Components: 
III. Recording the Census Information
IV.  What you can get for your Recording Effort, a few examples:
V. Other TMG Users Suggestions and Alterations
A. Tami Dolan's Suggestions (click here to see details and examples): 
     Brief Summary:   
  • Taking Advantage of 3.5 to allow "1900 Census", for instance, to be used in sentence structure by changing the Census Person's Name Order
  • Adding a Witness Statement to  the CEN-HEAD tag to allow enumerated persons a list of who was on the census that year.
  • Shortening my sentences some.
  • Changing the order of P1 and P2 because that's the way she wanted to do it.
B. Richard D. Warner's question: Do and How do Census People show up on Indexes in reports? 
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