Creating a CEN-ENUM tag
1)    Select Tag from the top menu on the Person screen.
2)    Choose "Add Tag from List". 
3)    At the "Tag Type List" menu choose "New" 
4)    Fill in the tag screen as defined in the following table: Click here to see actual example tag definiton screen
Label: Cen-Enum
"Use for Witness" checkoff checked
Abbrev: cen
Active: yes
Tag Group: Other Event
Sentence Structure: [P] was <enumerated with [WO]> on the census <of [D]> <[L]>  <as [M2]> <[M1]>
(Sentence length is limited to 100 characters by TMG):
Witness Sentence: --
5)  Choose "OK" to save. 
6)  Choose "Exit" to exit "Tag Type List" screen. 
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