dansmath > dan's multimedia experience
Familiar with: Mathematica, Photoshop, Authorware.
On speaking terms: Illustrator, Premiere, PageMill.
Experience with: SoundEdit, Infini-D, Pixar Typestry.
Played around with: Director, Flash, Painter.
Mostly forgotten: PowerPoint, Morph, Hypercard
Still avoiding: AutoDesk, PageMaker, Quark Xpress.
You tell me about: QTVR, QD3D, VRML, HTML.
Projects in development include :
+ Dan's Basic Skills Math Clinic +
+ See It and Hear It In Mathematica +
+ Precalculus and Mathematica +
+ Linear Algebra and Mathematica +
Send e-mail to dbach@dvc.edu for further information.
See also the Prealgebra Textbook page.

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