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who is this dan guy?

Who? Daniel Bach, call me Dan.
What? Math Teacher, Textbook Author,
. Multimedia Designer.
Where? Department of Mathematics,
. Diablo Valley College
. 321 Golf Club Road
. Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
When? Any time! 24 x 7 = 168.
Just e-me at dbach@dvc.edu.
Why? Me: In it for the bucks, er,
I mean the joy and personal rewards.
You: To make more bucks, er,
because math can be fun!
How? Through my web site, you can
learn and enjoy math @t home!
+ Who this Dan guy is...
He teaches, he writes, he goes running, he gulps coffee (low-fat latte, extra foam please), and he sits around working in Authorware, Director, Photoshop, Mathematica, and Premiere. He (ok, me) has produced several multimedia projects including Precalculus and Mathematica and Dan's Basic Skills Math Clinic. Check back at this page for further details or send him e-mail.
= Learn math @t home!
Click math lessons. You can start at many different levels from arithmetic through algebra, calculus, and beyond. These are available (currently for free!) in the form of on-line tutorials. There's also an ongoing problem of the week contest! Check back often, the site and the tutorials are evolving!
: ) What's Dan up to at DVC?
Click dvc for Diablo Valley College stuff. You can see what Dan's teaching this semester, his course outlines, things relating to Mathematica, and for you students, maybe even some extra credit problems! Dan has been committed to bringing technology into the DVC classroom for eleven years and "counting."
< Check out his textbook!
Dan Bach is also the co-author, with Patricia Leitner, of the widely used and highly acclaimed textbook: Prealgebra, Mathematics for a Variable World (2nd edition), published by the Houghton Mifflin Company.
> Ask Dan your math questions by e-mail! (or browse sample questions and answers!)
Click ask dan, or just write to dbach@dvc.edu. Dan and his merry staff will read, analyze, and solve your problem, and dash off an answer within minutes, hours, days, or even weeks. Our motto: "Send money or expect delays!" . . . %;-}
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