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Current Courses (Spring 1999):
Math 110 (Beginning Algebra)
Math 191 (Prealculus + trig review)
Math 192 (Calculus for science)
Office: DVC : FO-225
Phone: (925) 685-1230 x505
Office Hours: TBA
e-mail: dbach@dvc.edu
Website: dan's math@home page
Department Committee:
Math Lab/Technology
Textbook: Prealgebra, Mathematics for a Variable World, 2nd ed, Houghton Mifflin 1996, Bach/Leitner
Other projects:
Dan's Basic Skills Math Clinic
Precalculus and Mathematica
Linear Algebra and Mathematica
See It and Hear It With M'atica
Hobbies: Drinking coffee, going running, producing multimedia, designing web pages (like this one!)


Dan Bach