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Hi, Dan - I am a senior citizen going back to school after 45yrs. I am taking algebra
classes. I completed 306 Math-but I am on my 3rd semester repeating Math 308 I can't
seem to get the concept down pat to pass the cource.I ran across your web page by
sheer coincidence to find out how plain you make the subject. Clicked over to your
picture to see this little guy with all this info inside the head with the funny glasses
and the messed up hair-do I was surprised. But thank you for the help I had
begun to think ther was no hope for me and math. Bless you.
ps. I am still watching your page. "Nancy", May 2001

Hello there Dan the Math Man! i would like to take this moment to say THANK
YOU! you definetely were able to help clear up my confusion and convey to me
a fuller understanding of the purpose of the "function". For the most part
there existence has become clear to me with a few exceptions. for now i will
bug my algebra teacher but in the case that that plan of attack fails it's sure
is nice to know that i have other resources available to me (ie. DAN THE
MATH MAN) bye the way i definetely will let the other students in my classes
know that if they are stuck they can look you up!!! thenks again!!!!! mike, Feb. 2001

i am in a situation that calls for me to home school my son. i can not
afford the states home school program. i have always had a great appreciation
for teachers, but since i have had to teach my son myself my appreciation has
doubled. you have a very important job i am glad to see that you care enough
to post such help on the net Thank you, - "Holly", Dec. 2000

Dan: If more instructors taught math with the same insight and humor as you
do ... they'd all be walking around with your name...no, seriously, there'd be a big
improvement in math literacy. Thanks for you site.
PS. I love your motto. The bad news is I've not attached any e-cash to this mail;
the good news is that I expect no response. - Aslam, Dec. 2000
(The motto: "Send money or expect delays" - Dan.)
Dear Mr Dan, I would like to thank you very much for helping me. I did my
outcome this morning and the questions relating to the accuracy of Euler's
Method was worth 30% of the test! This is the first time I have asked for help
on the Internet, and so far I am very impressed! Once again thankyou very much!
I hope you get well soon! Cung, July 2000

Dan, Great site! I never understood the order of operations before until now
(I've been out of high school since 1972). I know it is such a little thing to be happy
about, but just to be able to understand that concept has given me more confidence and
the desire to move forward in the area of higher mathematics. Thank you!
I do have a question about your site. Are you going to provide worksheets/quizzes,
including the answers? I would find it to be helpful, as it would give me the chance to
try out my newly acquired skills. If not, would you refer me to another site that offers
them or math books? Again, thanks! I will continue to visit your site often. Jan, June 2000

Dan, thank you so much for responding. This is a big help and I really
appreciate it. Math I find can be very confusing at times but I really enjoy it.
Thank you, Jim, April 2000

Subject: You da' Man Dan
Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2000
From: ***@aol.com
To: dbach@dvc.edu
You helped me a lot! -- Thank You

Hi Dan! I have visited a few times before, and I enjoy coming back.
I am in Math ** and struggling all the way. I would LOVE to see some
information on how to use the Ti83Plus Graphing Calculator. Also appreciated,
would be steps for factoring. I may have missed this on your site, if it is
already there. Meanwhile, keep up the good work. I do not really like
Math, but I have to learn it because I want to become a Computer
Programmer. When you find a web site such as yours that does not appear
intimidating, then it makes it a little more palitable for a return visit.
Thanks! T. R. Mar. 2000

Subject: Stay home mom goes to college
Hi. I just wanted to thank you
for this site. I'm taking Math
116, 121, 122 in the next three semesters and I have been stressing
out about it. I've put them off this far but now I have to take them.
I'm glad I'll be able to get my questions answered at this site.
When are you going to start charging? (Please not anytime soon, I'm poor. :)
I happened upon this site by accident. I was looking for the composer and
found the mathematician. Lucky me. Please keep up the good work for a while.
Strange as it may seem, I would actually like to understand math but so few
can teach it to me for some strange reason. (I use the right side of my brain
way too much and end up making faces with the numbers.) Whatever. Glad I
found you. ***@aol.com, Feb. 2000

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I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help with the exponent problem.
I worked it the way I told you I was and got the same answer, but since we
are working with logs, your way is how I should do it. It certainly is very
nice of you to do this for free. I will pass your site on to my friends.
Thank you again and again and again...! Karen, Nov. 1999

hi dan, i'm researching distance ed for my comps quesitons and was checking out
your site. may i make a suggestion? the background of notebook paper is kinda cute,
but since the words don't line up, it makes it harder to read - the visual literacy part
of education.... just a thought. jacke, July 1999 (p.s. fixed in Aug. 1999 - Dan)

Hi Mr D. I'm in your algebra class and i'm just checkin out your website. Pretty cool
job you did, i'm very impressed! I don't have any questions. I just wanted to thank you
for making my math life easier w/ this website. =) Amber, Sept. 1998

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