bullet (first wife) died before 6 Jul 1591 in Dedham, Essex, England.

Children were: John ANGER, William ANGER , Judith ANGER, Anna ANGER .

bullet_____ was born in Canada. He died in QC, Canada. He has reference number JBM. He was Algonquin.

Children were: MARIE MITE8AMEG8K8E .

bullet________ .

Children were: Gladys Clarissa CROWHURST.

bullet________ was born about 1494 in Colyton, Devon, England. She has reference number 4JFZ-5F.

Children were: William MACYE, Annes MAYCE.

bullet________ was born about 1530 in Litchfield, Staffs, England. She has reference number 4JG0-7V.

Children were: Isabel Or Elizabeth BAWLE , Dr. Henry BAWLE, Robert BAWLE.

bullet________ was born about 1476 in Temsbury, Hampshire, England. She died before 27 Mar 1530. She has reference number 4JG0-97.

Children were: Richard WHITE, Alice WHITE, Robert WHITE, Richard WHITE, John WHITE, Edith WHITE, Robert WHITE, Thomas WHITE, Alice WHITE, Edith WHITE.

bulletAbigail has reference number CQ2F-QN.

bulletAbigail has reference number FHX1-7P.

bulletAgnes BAPL Submitted. She ENDL Submitted. She was born WFT Est 1488-1524. She died WFT Est 1521-1609. She has reference number 6170.

She was married to Richard HASSAND WFT Est 1506-1542. Children were: William HASSAND, Margarett HASSAND, Elizabeth HASSAND, Joan HASSAND, John HASSAND.

bullet Agnes died in 1616.

She was married to William FORD in 1567. Children were: John FORD, Thomas FORD, Nicholas FORD, Roger FORD, William FORD, Joan FORD.

bullet Alice was born about 1657 in Marblehead, Essex, MA. She has reference number FN9S-HM.

Children were: Joseph DARBY, Benjamin DARBY, Alice DARBY, John DARBY (DERBY), Mary DARBY.

bulletAnna .

Children were: Johann HINNESCHIED.

bulletAnne (Annis) died before 5 Feb 1585/86 in Hatherup, Gloucestershire, England.

She was married to John HARRIS about 1533. Children were: Alice HARRIS, William HARRIS, John HARRIS.

bullet ASSABABICH was Algonquin.


bulletBethiah was born WFT Est 1711-1745. She died WFT Est 1731-1826. She has reference number 7792.

She was married to Nathaniel PERKINS WFT Est 1731-1776.

bullet Betty was born in 1709 in Hindley, Lancashire, England. She died on 7 Jun 1783 in Hindley, Lancashire, England.

Children were: Esther KAY.

bulletBird .

She was married to Will KING. Children were: Cecil KING, Marjorie KING .

bullet Cora

She was married to Jake HEIL. Children were: James G HEIL, Nelly HEIL , Cora HEIL, Bill HEIL .

bullet Elizabeth was born in 1586 in England. She died on 8 Sep 1673 in Lynn, Essex, MA. She has reference number 9J64-JB.

She was married to Robert MANSFIELD in 1610 in England. Children were: Elizabeth MANSFIELD, Elizabeth MANSFIELD, Elizabeth MANSFIELD, John MANSFIELD, Andrew MANSFIELD, Robert MANSFIELD, Samuel MANSFIELD, Joseph MANSFIELD.

bullet Elizabeth has reference number 9KDK-63.

bulletElizabeth has reference number 9KD5-LH.

bulletElizabeth was born about 1563 in Chard, Somerset, England. She died in England.

She was married to George STRONG about 1577 in Chard, Somerset, England. Children were: Walter STRONG , William STRONG, Thomas STRONG, Richard John STRONG.

bullet Elizabeth was buried on 5 Feb 1630/31 in Cadney, Lincoln, ENGLAND. She BAPL Submitted. She ENDL Submitted. She has reference number 6168.

Children were: Catherine HASSON, Elizabeth HASSON, Richard HASSON, Thomas HASSEN, Ursula HASSON, John HASSON.

She was married to Peter GRANT on 23 Jun 1605 in England.

She was married to Thomas LODINGTON on 24 Nov 1594 in England.

bullet Elizabeth died on 18 Sep 1649 in Rowley, Mass.. She was buried on 18 Sep 1649. She was born WFT Est 1610-1629. She has reference number 6171.

She was married to Edward HAZEN WFT Est 1631-1663.

bullet Elizabeth was born WFT Est 1736-1773. She died WFT Est 1756-1853. She has reference number 6986.

She was married to Benjamin BELL WFT Est 1756-1803.

bullet Elizabeth died in Apr 1647 in South Kelsey, Lincoln, ENGLAND. She was buried on 7 Apr 1647 in South Kelsey, Lincoln, ENGLAND. She was born WFT Est 1573-1601. She has reference number 9328.

She was married to Thomas HASSEN. Children were: John HASSEN, Edward HAZEN, Robert HASSEN, Richard HASSEN, William HASSEN.

She was married to Thomas SEWELL on 27 Jun 1630 in South Kelsey, Lincoln, ENGLAND.

bullet Ellen has reference number NTR1-HH.

bulletEunice (Guild) was born WFT Est 1722-1748. She died WFT Est 1770-1836. She has reference number 7223.

She was married to David LADD on 28 Feb 1765 in Norwich, Connecticut.

bullet Gerry

She was married to Rupert DAVENPORT. Children were: Elizabeth DAVENPORT, Susan DAVENPORT, Eric DAVENPORT.

bullet Hannah has reference number MJVG-MM.

bulletHannah has reference number FHX5-F9.

bulletHannah was born WFT Est 1736-1773. She died WFT Est 1756-1853. She has reference number 6987.

She was married to Andrew BELL WFT Est 1756-1803.

bullet Huldah was born about 1795. She died WFT Est 1811-1889. She was buried in Sheakleyville, Pennsylvania. She has reference number 8794.

She was married to Daniel HAZEN WFT Est 1810-1840.

bullet Lydia was born about 1752 in Washington, Pennsylvania.

She was married to Daniel TOWNSEND about 1773 in of, Washington, Pennsylvania. Children were: Rebecca TOWNSEND.

bullet Margaret

She was married to John PATTISON. Children were: Mary PATTISON.

bullet Maria L was born in 1845. She died in 1925.

She was married to William Frank KING. Children were: Hortie F KING , Will KING.

bullet Marie-Josephine

She was married to Charles ROSE.

bullet Martha was born WFT Est 1741-1768. She died WFT Est 1794-1856. She has reference number 8779.

She was married to Joseph HAZEN WFT Est 1766-1801. Children were: Benjamin HAZEN, Lewis HAZEN, Peter HAZEN, Eunice HAZEN, Daniel HAZEN.

bullet Mary has reference number 9KDN-2S.

bulletMary was born WFT Est 1739-1764. She died WFT Est 1788-1851. She has reference number 6965.

She was married to Samuel HAZEN WFT Est 1764-1796. Children were: James HAZEN, Joanna HAZEN, Samuel HAZEN, Ezra HAZEN, Ithamar HAZEN, Abraham HAZEN, Hannah HAZEN.

bullet Mary was born about 1761 in of, Old Sussex, New Jersey. She died after 1815. She BAPL on 8 Jul 1992 in CHICA. She ENDL on 21 Nov 1992 in CHICA. She has reference number 7060.

She was married to Arthur HAZEN WFT Est 1776-1795. Children were: Rachel HAZEN.

bullet Mary was born WFT Est 1704-1724. She died WFT Est 1725-1808. She has reference number 7184.

She was married to Joseph JEWETT WFT Est 1725-1758.

bullet Mary

Children were: Mary BELL.

bulletMary died in 1579 in Moulsham, Chelmsford, England.

Children were: Rev. John ROGERS.

bulletPaulina L was born in 1849. She died in 1918.

She was married to Marcus E KING. Children were: Myrtle KING, Walton O KING, Earl F KING, Grace E KING, Walter A KING.

bullet Richard has reference number FHX1-KF.

bulletRobia .

She was married to Iqbal QUIDWAI. Children were: Humi QUIDWAI.

bullet Ruth was born in 1705. She died on 5 Jan 1786. She has reference number 7510.

She was married to Job HARRIS WFT Est 1718-1749.

bullet Sarah has reference number CQ2Z-GH.

bulletSeeth has reference number CQ2Z-C0.

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