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Here are a few a lot of links for some good web sites:
Preview Animusic:
Preview Animusic 1 - See Track 2 "Stick Figures" (5 Minutes 20 Seconds)
Preview Animusic 2 - See Track 5 "Pipe Dream 2" (3 Minutes 55 Seconds)
Internet Entertainment:
eBaum'sWORLD Teenagers and Adults!
Hot Wheels All Ages!
YouTube Stuff:
YouTube Search Results for Super Mario
Dominofan's (YouTube User) Domino Train Videos
Flippycat's (YouTube User) Domino Train Videos
Blendtec's (YouTube User) Blend Demo Videos
Same As Blendtec's (YouTube User) Blend Demo Videos Except on "willitblend.com" Instead of YouTube
Fast Bass Player - Sweet Georgia Brown  Oscar Peterson featuring: Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen & Ray Brown Live in 1977
Help On Various Subjects, More Interesting Than It Sounds!
A nine-year-old playsThrough The Fire And Flames on the expert mode of Guitar Hero III and does a very fine job of it, too!
Through The Fire And Flames by DragonForce
Stuff about Cars:
Barabus TKR A Car Faster Than A Bugatti Veyron?
(0 MPH - 60 MPH Times: Bugatti Veyron: 2.5 Seconds; Barabus TKR: 1.67 Seconds) Maybe so...
A Bugatti Veyron Picture MOTHERLOAD! Update: I'm guessing the Bugatti Veyron was sold (Yay them, they scored US$1.7million). Anyway, now it's a "motherload" of Ferrari F40 pictures.:-)
Google Search Image Results for Bugatti Veyron
A Chevrolet Corvette C4 Picture MOTHERLOAD!
Google Search Image Results for Chevrolet Corvette
Corvette Home
Bugatti Veyron on Wikipedia
See Bugatti Veyron
Chevrolet Corvette on Wikipedia
See Chevrolet Corvette C6 Coupe
See Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Coupe
Bugatti Home
Make Your Own Bugatti Veyron with the Bugatti Veyron Configurer!
I have food links too:
Taco Bueno
Mc Donald's
Pizza Hut
Papa John's Pizza
Domino's Pizza
Starbucks Coffee
More Links:
David K. James -- LinkCenter
The Longest List Of The Longest Stuff At The Longest Domain Name At Long Last
"That's The Long and The Short Of It!"
Review of Animusic From the Desk of David Pogue of the New York Times: Animusic Review
360 Degree Panorama View From Summit of Mt. Everest
Track the Hubble Space Telescope
Hubble Space Telescope on Wikipedia
A Picture of a Blue Linckia Starfish I Found on Wikipedia
Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga FAQ's I highly reccommend the first one if you have a Wii. Don't try to print it though, it's 140 pages.
Feel free to provide a link to this page.
(Last updated 10 - 12 - 08)The date is written like this: MM - DD - YY
Public holidays of the United States on Wikipedia.
Have a Happy Safe Winter!

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Some Music from Booker T and the MG's:
"Time is Tight"
"Green Onions" Organ Solo
"Green Onions"
Of course we can't forget entertainment:
Main Event
Chuck E. Cheese
And if that's not enough I even decided to put some stuff about
PI (All the digits I memorized: 3.1415926535897932384...),
like PI to a Million Digits,
or PIE (the yummy one; most of the time...), and
PIE on Wikipedia.
For all of your referencing needs:
All References
The Web
For all of your shopping needs:
Sam's Club
Blendtec Home Buy a Blender!
Animusic I VERY HIGHLY recommend Animusic.
Toys R Us
It's On TV:
Cartoon Network (May take a while to load; in fact it's so big your browser just might blow-up!)
Discovery Channel (May take a while to load.)
HGTV (Home and Garden Television)
Wierd, amazing, funny, intresting, and captivating stuff about basketball:
720 DUNK!! Best Quality...
Kobe dunks over Shaq in practice (funny)
Mr. 720:Boomerang
The Air Up There aka Mr. 720 one step 360 at Hood Park
Lebron Dunks Baby
Funny Kids Best Dunk Contest at Washington Wizards Game
Chris walls Double legs
Blog: Mr. 720 attempts a 360 double between the legs.
Mr. 720 CRAZEY Warm Up Dunk at Ball4Real LA
Mr. 720 Does It Again
World Record 209 three pointers in a row by 60 year old man
Nice Car
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