Savage Miscellaneous Items

On Tekumel there are other devices besides Eyes surviving from the ancient days of ultra technology. Some were created after the "Time of Darkness" and some survive from before. There are also special items that are far more common as the knowledge to create them has been retained or rediscovered by the various temples. These are Scrolls, Books, Enhanced Weapons, and Enhanced Armour. Edged Weapons sometimes contain a Spirit of their own and should be handled with extreme care.


Like Eyes, amulets are difficult to obtain. Unlike Eyes, some many only be used once.

The Amulet Against the Iniquitous Nshe

A small heart-shaped bronze amulet inscribed with a charm in the script of Tsaqw (ancient Yan Koryani). If read by one who knows the language and the Nshe has not assumed a manlike form, it will NOT attack the reader.
It will however try to attack others with the reader if able to reach them without comming within 20 feet of the amulet.
If the Nshe has already taken on its man-like form before the amulet is read, it will have no effect on the creature.

The Amulet of Finding Treasure in the Underworld (+)(!)

A small obsidian beetle that ccan be activated only once. It will guide the user to the nearest treasure hoard within 300 feet while in the Underworld.

The Amulet of the Good God (+)

A small sparkling blue stone in the shape of the Sacred Oval of Lord Hnalla. This amulet gives protection from the Hra (-4 to Spirit roll) unless they are attacked first. Other undead also have a chance of fleeing (-2 to Spirit roll).
It has an effect radius of 30 feet but after fourty minutes of exposure, the undead are no longer effected. A being aligned to one of the Lords or Cohorts of Change will suffer 2d6 damage from touching this amulet.

The Amulet of Invincible Steel

A small dull square bar of some corroded-looking steel-like metal. This amulet gives protection against the steel destroying secretions of the Ngayu. It only protects the bearer.

The Amulet of Mastery Over Renyu (+)

A small furry pinecone shaped of some indeterminate material. This amulet gives the wearer the power to control up to 3 Renyu. The Renyu may resist with a Spirit roll. If it fails, it serves the holder of the amulet loyally for as long as it lives. No animal trainer is needed.

The Amulet of Preceiving the Scintillation of Metals (+)(!)

A small arrow of greyish metal. This amulet will point to the largest hoard of metal of any kind within 20 feet. It may hold up to 100 charges and may be recharged by the Thoroughly Useful Eye. Its effect lasts for twenty minutes per charge.

The Amulet of Peace Amongst the Servers of Ksarul (*)(!)

A small purplish gem. This amulet causes Underworld creatures created by the ancient Priests of Ksarul to cease hostility against the user. (Hra, Mrur, and Qol specificly. The Biridlu, Marashyalu, and Tsu'uru have a +1 to their Spirit roll to resist its effect.) If a creature is attacked it will defend itself.
It has a range of 20 feet and after thirty minutes of exposure, these creatures are no longer effected. This amulet can hold up to 100 charges.

The Amulet of Power Over the Undead (+)

A small mummy-shaped statuette of blue faience inscribed in ancient Salarvyani. This amulet givers the bearer the power to turn away the undead. The Vorodla, Tsoggu, Hra, Hur'uru, Mrur, and Shedra all will retreat if they fail a Spirit check at -2.
It has a range of 30 feet and these creatures are no longer effected if exposed a second time. It can only be used by a character with an Arcane Background(Psionic).

The Amulet of Protection Against the Grey Hand (*)

A small bronze circlet with a ruby like gem mounted in the center. This amulet renders the wearer immune to the Grey Hand power. It can only be used by one living person at a time.

The Amulet of Ruling the Ru'un (*)

A plaque of greenish metal inscribed in Llyani and usable only by a character knowing this language. This amulet gives the wearer the power to control up to 4 Ru'un. It has a range of 20 feet and lasts for twenty minutes. The Ru'un may resist with a sucessful Spirit check.

The Amulet of Safety Amidst Putrefaction (*)(!)

A small ivory-like ball decorated with mystical symbols and devices. This amulet allows the bearer and up to 6 others to move unharmed amoung the Shunned Ones. It lasts fourty minutes per charge and may have up to 100 charges.

The Amulet of Warding Off Thunru'u

A small coppery cone with an inscription in Mihalli. This amulet causes up to 6 Thunru'u to flee. They can defend themselves if attacked. It has an effect radius of 30 feet and after twenty minutes of exposure, these creatures are no longer effected.

+ Indicates common and * Indicates rare. ! Indicates it has limited charges.

Miscellaneous Rare or Unique Items

There are special devices constructed by ancient "sorcerers" or technicians. These items are usually unique although multiple copies do exist for some of them.

The Alluring Maiden of Nga
The Boots of Changela (*)
The Chariot of the Gods
The Clockwork Automation of Qiyor
The Crystal Claw of Kurutesh (*)
The Cup of Subadim the Sorcerer (*)
The Emerald of Hagarr of Paranta (*)
The Glorious Cloak of Many Eyes
The Gloves of Chirene (*)
The Hammer of Pendarte of Kheiris (*)
The Helmet of the Three-Pointed Star
The Jade Bowl of the God-King of Purdanim
The Ladder of Mriddu the Magician
The Lightning Bringer
The Little House of Tranquil Dwelling
The Magical Chest of the Topaz God
The Mallet of Inimitable Fealty
The Mighty Wall of Thumis
The Music Box of Nekkuthane (*)
The Silver Serpent of Nayari of the Silken Thighs (*)
The Skullcap of Girigamish
The Speaker to Heaven (*)
The Trumpet of Metallja (*)
The Wondrous Enhancer of Jewels
* Indicates unique.


Books can contain spells, incantations to the Gods and their Cohorts, instructions of various sorts, manuals for the use or construction of devices, etc. A person attempting to read a given book receives its effects immediately, if they understand the language in which it is written. One cannot simply read the title and hope to escape the effects of a dangerous book.
If the language is not known, the person usually is uneffected by the book and will be unable to identify it. Because of the age of some books, they will crumble to dust if not read at once. Priests at the temples of Thumis and Ksarul can usually identify a book but may want to keep it for themselves.

Korunkoi hiQiyor: The Book of Qiyor
This book has been translated into modern Tsolyani and consists of spells and incantations prepared by the wizard Qiyor. It is effective for characters with Arcane Background of Psionics only. A character with the Psionics Skill and aligned with Stability gains the next level in Psionics Skill permanently. If aligned with Change they also gets this increase but take 2d6 damage. Priests get no benefit for this book but those aligned wit hChange take the damage. Warriors are completely uneffected.

Korunkoi hiSsanu: The Book of the Dance of Death
This book is written in modern Tsolyani. It is effective for characters with Arcane Background of Psionics only. The book is dedicated to Lord Hry'y, the Supreme Principle of Change. A character with the Psionics Skill and aligned with Change gains the next level in Psionics Skill permanently. If aligned with Change they LOSE a level of Psionics Skill. A Priest aligned to Change gets +1 to their Vigor rolls and one aligned to Stabilty gets -1, this effect is permanent. A Warrior takes d12 damage if they even open it.

Korunkoi hiKheshdu hiMrurgayal: The Book of Sending Forth the Hated Dead
This book is written in modern Tsolyani and is dedicated to Lord Ksarul, the Doomed Prince of the Blue Room. The book gives Veteran or above characters with Magic Skill and aligned with Change two Powers.
It adds an additional d6 damage to any damage caused to an opponent for 40 minutes after reading the book.
It gives the reader control over any undead being for 50 minutes immediately after reading the book.
This book can be reused but only once a week. A character with Psionics, a character with Magic Skill and aligned with Stability, or aligned with Change but less than Veteran will take 2d6 damage when they attempt to read it. Warriors that are less than Veteran automaticly take a Wound and Warriors Veteran or higher take a d12 damage just by glancing inside the cover.

Korunkoi hiSsyusayal: The Book of Mighty Swords
This book is written in modern Tsolyani and is of use only to Warriors. A Warrior of Seasoned or greater will gain the next level in Fighting Skill. As it is read the book turns into a puff of bright blue smoke. This book has no effect upon characters with Arcane Backgrounds.

Timandalikh hituplanMitlandalisayal: The Great Understanding of the Beloved Great and Powerful Gods

Chegudalikh hiQon: The Mighty Grace of Qon

Chanisayal hiHaya: Powerful Maps of Glory

Korunkoi hiKerdusayal: The Book of Powerful Generals

Dimlalikh tlaSsugayal: The Striking of the Hated Ssu

Henganikh hiZhalmigan: The Splendour of Decay

Li'ob Miffansa Missrabchi'i MikKsarulkchi: The Book of Sending Forth the Servant of Great Ksarul

Chneshaq KhyChneshayalu: The Mystery of Mysteries

Kizhaga Dlittlumri: The Book of Five Fingers

Jneshtlaq Keq Yossu: The Tomb of Black Mold

Guppishsha Hrakkuq Mazhzhatl: The Book of the Fragrant Garden

Zru Hsun Ti Ch'a: The Excellent Travelling Volume

Jurrumra Miye'eklun Tlakotani: The Scroll of the Scarlet Brotherhood

Dure'ep Tkash Sneqsi'va: The Pessimistic Treatise of Total Inaction

Hlorush Zhdanawi Migun: The Book of Eyes

Mo'om Te'ep Srasy: The Exquisite Codicil of Sra

Barukan Lli Feshdrubal-Chren: The Labyrinth of Mutable Destiny

Du'on Duqala Toruuna: The Scroll of Bring Forth the Unnamed

Mi'ithurish Hrshenga Mmeghusane: The Treatise of Hrsh, the Highest Lord

Purohlan Znamrishsha Kagekte: The Book of the Unnamed God

Weapons and Armour

Iron or steel weapons and armour may be enhanced by "magic". This is not possible for Chlen-hide and is also very rare for other materials. Enhanced arms and armour may be found in caches in the Underworlds, in Imperial arsenals, and in the possession of important clan members.
Certan swords, scimitars, and axes may have additional powers. These items contain powerful Spirits that will attempt to dominate whoever comes in contact with them.