Sword10kPlate Armour50kTrained Chlen Beast100k
Dagger5kLeather Armour30kSmall Cart75k
Scimitar9kChainmail40kLarge Cart150k
Battleaxe12kHelmet13kSmall Boat150k
Flail8kShield10kSmall Merchant Ship15,000k
Morning Star8kRope (50')3kLarge Merchant Ship30,000k
Mace7kPole (10')1kSmall Warship20,000k
Spear5kMallet&20 spikes4kMedium Warship40,000k
Pike (10')8kSmall Sack1kLarge Warship80,000k
Halberd (8')8kLarge Sack3kBallista400k
Poleaxe9kBackpack5kSmall Onager1,000k
Two-handed Sword15kWaterskin1kMedium Onager1,500k
Javelin4kResin Torches (10)2kTrebuchet2,000k
Longbow(Seresh wood)30kLantern5k
Composite Bow50kFlask of Oil1kServant Child150k
Light-crossbow20kFire maker3kSlave Laborer200k
Heavy-crossbow40kPaper,Pens&Ink3kGroup I Skilled Slave2,000k
Quiver (30 quarrels)20kCompass50kGroup II Skilled Slave5,000k
Quiver (20 arrows)20kHeavy Boots15kGroup III Skilled Slave10,000k
Average clothes30kMallet&5 Wood Stakes2kSlave Overseer8,000k
Warm Cloak15kTsural Buds(1 bunch)2kSlave Man-at-Arms5,000k
Sling3kNgalu Wine(bottle)1kSlave Priest/Sorcerer10,000k
Staff-sling8kRations(person/week)14kDancing Slave20,000k
Lead sling pellets(20)1k Nonhuman Slave15,000k

"Metal" items are of Chlen-hide. Like items made of of Iron or Steel are 10 times listed prices.

The money of Tekumel is broken down by 20's. A single gold Katiar is worth 20 silver Hlash.
A single silver Hlash is worth 20 copper Qirgal.
The Tsolyani employ a system of cross-clan obligations and favors. (This can be thought of as credit.)
Cash is seldom used by natives. On the other hand, foreigners are always required to pay in cash.

All that gear has to be carried. Each 1 Pound is equivelent to 151 Katiars.


Man (Light - 150 pounds)                                  22,700k
Man (Average - 180 pounds)                                27,240k
Man (Heavy - 200 pounds)                                  30,300k

Load in Kaitars equivalent to light foot movement         13,000k
Load in Kaitars equivalent to heavy foot movement         17,300k
Load in Kaitars equivalent to armoured foot movement      26,000k
Leather Armour                                             4,324k
Chainmail (Iron or Steel)                                  8,650k
Chainmail (Chlen-hide)                                     6,500k
Plate Armour (Iron or Steel)                              13,000k
Plate Armour (Chlen-hide)                                  9,000k
Helmet (Iron or Steel)                                       865k
Helmet (Chlen-hide)                                          600k
Shield  (Iron or Steel)                                    2,000k
Shield  (Chlen-hide)                                       1,200k
Poleaxe, Halberd, Pike, Two-handed Sword (Iron or Steel)   2,600k
Poleaxe, Halberd, Pike, Two-handed Sword (Chlen-hide)      1,900k
Morning Star, Flail, Battleaxe (Iron or Steel)             1,700k
Morning Star, Flail, Battleaxe (Chlen-hide)                1,100k
Sword  (Iron or Steel)                                       900k
Sword  (Chlen-hide)                                          650k
Dagger  (Iron or Steel)                                      325k
Dagger  (Chlen-hide)                                         225k
Waterskin (full)                                             500k
Jewelry (average item)                                       350k
Small Sack of equipment                                    1,500k
Gem                                                            1k
Coin (Kaitar [Gold], Hlash [Silver], or Qirgal [Copper])       1k

A small cart (1 Chlen) can hold the weight of about 10 heavy men.
A large cart (2 Chlen) can hold the weight of about 30 heavy men.