Provided for my personal Empire of the Petal Throne game.

Savage Tekumel

Chapter One - A Day at the Beach
Chapter Two - A Private Meeting
Chapter Three - Traveling Companions
Chapter Four - Through the Flats
Chapter Five - Bump in the Night
Chapter Six - Forging Ahead
Chapter Seven - A Game is Afoot

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Savage Tekumel Game Resources Savage Setting Savage Worlds Rules
Introduction Savage Tekumel Initial Powers The Onyx Anchor Clan SW Rules Overview
The Five Empires Savage Tekumel Powers Game Intro Character Creation
Gods and Cohorts of Tekumel Savage Tekumel Temple Powers
Common Stereotypes Savage Tekumel Gear The Flats of Tsechelnu map Hindrances
Classic Character Creation Savage Eyes My Tekumel Background Edges
Savage Character Creation Savage Miscellaneous Items
Savage Tekumel Names Savage Tekumel Bestiary Savage Tekumel Modifications Combat Maneuvers
Injuries & Wounds
Traditional Start Example Organization of Tsolyani Society
Misc. Modifiers

Examples of Applying Savage Worlds Rule System

An Example Combat - Morusai hi Ujjain and The Bandits

An Example of Non-Combat - Banyu's Escapade

An Example of a Chase - Arrested!

An Example of Fatigue's Effects - Tabunta's Trail

Links to Download Game Resources from Savage Worlds Sites.

Character Journal (3.5MB PDF) - A Character Sheet plus more.
PEG/Great White SW Download Web Page. - This provides all available official suppliments.

Additional Reference Material from Other Sites

Advanced Dungeons and Savages (6+MB PDF) - AD&D Conversion for Savage Worlds
Beyond the Veil (500KB PDF) - Psionics and the Supernatural in Savage Worlds - The Official Tekumel Web Site

Addition Rules or Modifications to Savage Worlds Rules.