Red Ribbon Squares
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The Red Ribbon Squares have been dancing on the Westside for 68 years.  We currently hold club dances at Marine Park in Santa Monica on the 2nd Saturday of the month -- with some special 5th Saturday dances -- (pre-rounds 7:15-7:45 pm / squares 7:45-10:00pm). 

We are merging with our "sister" club, the Heels & Souls. Together we will be known as Ribbons & Souls. We will be dancing 2nd and 4th Saturdays, with special 5th Saturday dances. Whether we continue to dance at Marine Park in Santa Monica, or move to Felicia Mahood Senior Center in West Los Angeles, still needs to be confirmed. Our last dance as the Red Ribbon Squares will be our January 12, 2019 Anniversary Dance (see flyer below). Thank you.

Red Ribbons 67 Anniversary

First Row (sitting): Clare Burr, Diane Isaacs, Pamela Bailis, Shan Cretin, Emmett Keeler, Babs Schwartz, Linda Harris, Dianne Atkins.

Second Row: George Burr, Frank DaVanzo, Kathleen White, Julie DaVanzo, Ruth Michaelson.

Top Row: Jim Gilbreth, Kinu Levin, Kathy Lovelace, Nancy Howell, Suzanne Neubauer, Jerry Neubauer, Earl Adams

Caller/Cuer: Hunter Keller


Red Ribbon Squares * The Official Square Dance Club of Santa Monica, CA *

We are members of the South Bay/Westside District
Visit the Associated Square Dancers website
Visit the Associated Square Dancers website

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