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Spiral, Spinning Horizontal Line

This site is always under construction, folks.

*hands out hard hats*

Watch your heads, and most definitely keep an eye (or two, even) out for that pesky poltergeist who's wandering through here. *turns and shouts* PEEVES!!!

Thanks, and come back soon!  You really never know just what kind of hinky crap I'll be adding next.  ;)


I've been working on this site here and there when I can, so please check back often to see what I've done to the place.

The last page - Hello Kitty - is where I'll be showcasing some of the graphic arts work I've done for various causes. By all means, check it out! I'm trying to break in to a professional career in graphic arts, and would love feedback from any professionals out there.

Enjoy your stay, come back often, and I hope you like the decor! I mean, I think especially you will like this: the living room's got this lovely Colonial trim...

DISCLAIMER: Most of the images from this site are originally manufactured and owned by Stu Segal Productions, Studios USA, and NBC/Universal. I just played with them in Photoshop for my own amusement, and derive no profits from them, other than the satisfying eye candy. Nope, not selling, not making any money, and I break out in hives at the mere mention of laywers.