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Diane L. Fairclough, DrPH

diane.fairclough@ucdenver.edu  and dianefairclough@earthlink.net

University of Colorado Denver

Colorado School of Public Health and Colorado Health Outcomes (COHO)


Design and Analysis of Quality of Life Studies in Clinical Trials (2nd edition)

v     Description of book (Publisher’s Flyer – PDF File)

v     Ordering book from Chapman and Hall via Internet Web site

v     Datasets and Example Programs

v     E-mail me with questions and possible corrections


Tutorial in the Analysis of Longitudinal Data (in development)

v     Link to tutorial


Miscellaneous helpful information

v     Generating correlated multivariate data


Research Interests and Selected Publications

v     Analysis of HRQOL studies

v     Missing Data

v     Psychosocial Outcomes in Childhood Cancer



v     Joint Mixed Effects Models (old versions)

Ø      Documentation

Ø      SAS 8.2 Macros (Zip File) Updated Aug2003

Ø      Example 1 Schluchter, 2001 SIM (Zip File with data, SAS program and output)

Ø      Example 2 Fairclough, 2003 QOLR (Zip File with data, SAS program and output)



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