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"I have a deep well... and diabetes. Now we drink bottled or distilled water. Thanks Mike, You saved my life!!"
Jessie.... Cofield, North Carolina.   


                              NORTH CAROLINA AND VIRGINIA
                           By: George Michael Richardson


       The great majority of type 1 diabetics ... if asked .... can tell
      you how they contacted gasoline. If I were a practicing physician,
      when a patient presented with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, or pan-
      creatic cancer, I would have to ask.... "Have you ever lived near
      a gas station? Have you ever had any contact with gasoline? Did
      you ever drink well water? Have you ever used a gas siphon hose,
      or siphoned gasoline by mouth"? Hummmm... 

  A Quote from Jacques Cousteau:    Standing on the bridge of the research
                                     vessel USS Calypso...

 "I have sailed the Seven Seas, and floating on the surface of all the water,
          you can see... little flecks of oil... ALL AROUND THE WORLD"!

 Due to the startling nature of these findings, it is possible that people are
better off not knowing about the extent of the gasoline problem, and what diseases it is causing in our population. This author has been to The Depart-ment of Homeland Defense in Washington, DC, with this research, and evi-dently, based upon their response, our Government agrees! As a scientific researcher, conducting privately funded research, this author was met with the response, "We can't discuss these areas of our Nation's sensitive information".

                            ... "YE SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH" ...

 So it is "sensitive information"? Yes, our government knows all about it, no, they are not going to tell us. Perhaps they cannot tell us. It will come as an astounding revelation that there is gasoline in all the drinking water... All around the world. It is causing specific diseases; diabetes type 1 and 2, pancreatic and other internal organ cancer, parkinsons, and alzheimers in adults and specific brain cancer and autism in children. Gasoline poisoning is not the ONLY cause of these diseases, but it is by far the PRIMARY cause of all these diseases. The scary part is not the fact that these diseases exist, rather the rate at which they are INCREASING! You are about to find out why... If you want to know the truth...just keep reading. You will know the truth when you hear it! 

                  ... "AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE" ...

 A scientific approach was undertaken in the thorough examination of the population living around twelve "Superfund" sites in North Carolina and Virginia, and other places where old gas stations showed signs that the underground gasoline storage tanks leaked. This information has taken seven years to compile and analyze. A startling revelation: Everybody that had lived in these areas and consumed well water for ten years or longer has diabetes in some stage. {Plus whatever else in some cases}. NOT JUST A FEW RESIDENTS, PRACTICALLY ALL OF THEM! Literally hundreds of patients were extensively interviewed, the areas in question were carefully photographed, the surveys thoroughly documented, and a tedious, subjective analysis of the data was undertaken.

 Any facts that could not be documented, and some "other" extraneous infor-mation was discarded, and ignored. It bears mentioning, no other research of any kind, including Internet research, was performed before or during the time these surveys were completed and analyzed. To have done so would have destroyed the process of "free thinking". In retrospect, it is amazing just how accurate the findings actually were. And so, as a privately funded {NON-GOVERNMENT SPONSORED} scientific researcher, this author is compelled to present the following findings:
                             ... AND IN THE LAST DAYS...

 All across North Carolina and Virginia a great number of diabetics, parkinson's patients, and cancer patients, have been found, that were obviously gasoline poisoned. In fact, this author has examined so many gasoline contaminated sites containing so many sick people, that no need is found to continue documenting this research, as it is easily duplicated by anyone with extensive medical knowledge, the realization that all the gasoline underground storage tanks leaked, and a willingness to knock on some doors and ASK.

 One may go to any gas station or truck stop, {in operation since before 1998,
this was the cut off date for replacement of all old style tanks}, walk downhill, and find the tell-tale tree blight associated with the release of gasoline into the water table. The tree blight, commonly overlooked, becomes frankly obvious, once one has been trained what to look for. AS IN PEOPLE, the condition
of these gasoline poisoned trees is dependant upon two factors. The level of
contamination in the water table, {PPB, or Parts Per Billion}, and the length of
time the tree is exposed! Some trees are completely dead, many, exposed to so much contamination that they actually caught on FIRE. The primary sign of a gasoline poisoned tree, in cases of heavy exposure, is that the trunks and limbs present with a black rotted center. This author has developed a computerized slide show to point out exactly what to look for in these gasoline poisoned trees. Often, as the slide show reveals, a twisted, stunted tree in the front yard becomes the hallmark of HUMAN death in these gasoline contaminated neighborhoods. In order to expedite the physician's reading of this paper, we are going to conclude the tree blight topic, as volumes could be written. It is noted that in these areas, the trees "point" the way to the affected people, if you know how to "read" them!

 **Another finding: Newer more accurate testing methods must be employed, as you shall see, the EPA's older, obviously ineffective testing methods do not account for accumulation, over time. Currently employed testing methods have been outdated by this research! In a recent test conducted by the EPA at a site in Grandy, NC, the water tested way above the state cut off level for lead... 28.7 PPB! Yet was pronounced “safe” anyway, because the levels dropped after running the tap water for 15 minutes. The EPA never accounts for accumulation over time. The test vials are only exposed to a trace once! If you could multiply the level of contamination by 365, then you might come up with a much more accurate result of about how much exposure might occur in a year. Would you drink a vial of this questionable tap water? Would it hurt you if you did? Probably not. Not one test vial, but would you drink 365 of them, one every day, for a year? Would it hurt you if you did? These studies indicate that consuming trace quantities of gasoline over time is the most deadly form of exposure. It is surmised this is due, in part to the medical fact that these contaminants accumulate in the internal organs and the brain. Due to these flawed testing techniques, actual invivo results and invitro testing are not going to correlate. Now you know why!

                       ...A FEW FINE POINTS FOR PHYSICIANS...

 It is important to note that any personally identifiable information has been re-
moved from this paper. Locations of the twelve Superfund sites are not dis-closed. These properties are thusly not devalued nor is anyone’s right to privacy violated. The individual studies may be reviewed, BY PHYSICIANS, depending upon the circumstances. **Our drinking water also contains other contaminants besides gasoline. Chemicals released during certain mining operations, drilling operations, farm chemicals, such as pesticides, and other contaminants do exist in certain areas in great enough concentrations to theoretically cause some of these same diseases.  However,  amounts  of  these chemicals present in the water is INSIGNIFICANT compared to the amount of GASOLINE contaminants found! When a release of gasoline occurs from a gas station's tanks, it will have a tendency to be very very large, and occur over time, constantly leaking, never ceasing... and in fact... getting worse with time! Remember we are talking three ten thousand gallon capacity tanks in a single station, and there existed hundreds of thousands of these cases of leaking tanks all across our land. A gas leak of only two drops per minute is equivalent to 400 GALLONS A YEAR! Even though there are new requirements for gasoline underground storage tanks, according to EPA sources, millions of gallons of gasoline are still released each and every year! The degrading constituents of GASOLINE, {benzene, toluene, etc.} are present in substantially greater quantities, and are substantially more toxic in cases of human exposure, than farm pesticides, and present a FAR GREATER DANGER to humans; and a FAR GREATER THREAT to the future survival of the human race!

 **Also noteworthy, some people in these studies drank the well water, others did not. Some said the water had a foul taste, others said it contained rust, and left a ring in the washing machine, so "we just don't drink it, we drink bottled water, however, we bathe or shower in the well water”. Many of these same subjects presented with the specific diseases discussed DESPITE THE FACT that they chose not to drink their well water. According to EPA reports, it is possible for these degrading constituents of gasoline {in this case toluene, which evaporates} to concentrate themselves in the form of vapor and fumes and that exposure has occurred from inhalation in the home, such as in a bed-room, etc. exposing individuals to concentrations high enough to cause lukemia and internal organ cancer.

 This author has found, however, that consuming these contaminants in drink-ing water is by far a MORE COMMONLY FOUND ROUTE OF EXPOSURE. It is surmised that benzene and toluene would be inhaled in the steam of a shower, not to mention dermal exposure. These contaminants ARE asorbed dermally and accumulate in the organs and the brain over time! The North Carolina Toxicological Reports on benzene and toluene say: {In cases of industrial exposure, such as that found in petrochemical workers}, “The primary route of exposure is through inhalation.” The route of exposure can make a big difference in the diseases found in these toxic sites and especially in their individual case severity. THESE STUDIES SHOW THAT THE GREATEST RISK OCCURS FROM ORAL CONSUMPTION OF TRACE QUANTITIES, OVER TIME!

 SO, WHY DID ALL THE GAS STORAGE TANKS LEAK? “Ethyl” brand leaded gasoline, tetra-ethyl-lead... loony gas... perhaps the world's greatest environmental disaster, poisoning entire nations, leaded gasoline may now be found in practically all drinking water, in every country in the world! About this additive... Tetra-ethyl-lead was originally touted to be a "detergent" additive. It brightened metal alright... All too well! It actually changed the molecular struc-ture of these gasoline underground storage tanks. Many simply came apart at the seams. Remember when the Government went around making everybody pull up their old gas tanks?  THAT IS BECAUSE THEY WERE ALL LEAKING! The real problem is that these tanks leaked badly for fourteen years before the US Government began pulling them all up. We pumped gasoline directly into the ground for fourteen PLUS years!

...The extent of the problem: Henry Ford, Charles Kettering and the fight over:
                                    ..."The Fuel of The Future" ...

 This is the claim that Kettering made: "Ethyl lead was the only additive that
could be put into gasoline in order to keep your car on the road". “If it can be
shown... that an actual hazard exists in the handling of ethyl gasoline, that an
actual hazard exists from exhaust gasses from motors, that an actual danger to
the public is had as a result of the treatment of gasoline with lead, the distri-
bution of gasoline with lead in it will be discontinued from that very moment. Of that, there is no question.” (US PHS, 1925, p 70). Well... it's been shown and leaded gasoline was used in the U.S. until finally outlawed in 1986.

  **Political speculation would destroy my credibility. If there is any specula-tion, it must be on the part of the reader, but this author feels compelled to plant the seed... It is possible that the addition of lead to gasoline was in fact an act of terrorism... Like our Government, I know things that I cannot tell you and quite frankly, I simply do not believe that our scientists are that stupid!

 According to documents from the desk of Carolyn Hoskinson, Acting Director for The Office of Underground Storage Tanks, Washington, DC, {The United States Environmental Protection Agency}: There are 28,070 active underground gasoline storage tanks in North Carolina alone. 24,442 of which have been reported LEAKING. A startling revelation... Almost every one leaked. As I was drawing in a few tanks on a homemade state map of these 28,070 sites, {in North Carolina} I began to realize; there is a  vast network of rivulets of gasoline, a flowing, moving system creating pools which produce more rivulets that interconnect almost like the vasculature of the hman body, interconnecting all these sites with underground lakes, rivers, and pools of gasoline all over the United States and it is most probable that it is like this all over the world. It is most probable that the vast majority of ALL of  us have had some limited exposure to gasoline.

 The extent of this problem was discovered by the Reagan Administration in 1984. The scope of this paper is focused on the medical aspects and is written as informational material, targeting physicians. Despite that, the reader should
know that President Ronald Regan was responsible for initiation of a Congres-
sional mandate creating The Environmental Protection Agency in 1985. As a result of this, lead was immediately outlawed in gasoline in 1986. Imagine that! But it was too little, too late. The underground storage tanks had all leaked badly, most of them for many years. Gasoline was first refined in 1885 and shortly there-after, put into commercial underground storage tanks on prac-tically every street corner!

      ... Like the Chevron commercial says ... "There at every turn"!

 **The facts are, there now exist great lakes, rivers, pools, and oceans of gas-oline underneath all of the major cities in the world. Dallas, London, Tokyo, Paris, LA, Delhi, New York. There are rivers and tributaries and pools of gas-oline that interconnect all these underground storage tanks much like the vas- culature of the human body. This is a scientific fact!

 This research indicates that the contamination travels along with the ground-
water in thin fingers that are referred to in this paper as "rivulets". These riv- ulets can travel way out into the countryside, and strike a well. These rivulets or "fingers" may be clearly seen in mountainous regions where the roadway has been graded down. In these areas, one may look up a smooth rock face many
feet high, the same as looking at a cross-section of the Earth. In the summer,
there are unimpressive damp places along the rocks. In winter, however, one may see great frozen fingers, huge icicles, hanging from the rock face where the groundwater is flowing. In the Biblical account of Moses, as he was leading his people out of the wilderness, they were dying of thirst. Moses struck the rock with his staff, and water poured forth. A miracle you say? Perhaps, but standing at the rock face on a graded down roadway, in Nashville Tennessee on I-40, picking at the dry rock face with a fingernail, this author has observed water beginning to pour forth from the rock... abundantly!

 Just how toxic is this substance, gasoline, and just exactly where is all this
lost gasoline going? Answer: It is deadly toxic to humans even in trace amounts
when consumed in the drinking water over time, and we are drinking it every day!! Some of this "lost" gasoline will become trapped in underground lakes and oceans referred to as "confined aquafers". Most of this gasoline will continue to move with the ground water, flowing back to the oceans from whence it came. A hydrogeological term... Evapotranspiration. This is the terminology scientists use to describe the process of the sun evaporating water from the Earth's oceans in the form of vapor that becomes clouds. These clouds then transfer their moisture to the Earth's surface in the form of rainfall. The rainfall travels back to the sea in surface flows, like rivers and streams, and also, {mostly} underground with the water table. Our present day hydrogeological textbooks teach that the groundwater returns at the edge of the sea. NOT TRUE! Notice that the beaches are still pristine and mostly unspoiled. If the groundwater is returned at the ocean's edge, a black ring would be present around all of Earth's seas. A hill is a hill no matter how much water is on the surface of the hill, the rock strata DO NOT STOP AT THE EDGE OF EARTH'S OCEANS! The ground water follows the rock strata and is returned by way of great columns of rising fresh water way out in the middle of the oceans. This explains the swift currents found in Earth's seas that today's scientists are, so far, unable to explain! In the Great Flood of Noah, it rained for forty days and forty nights... "The windows of Heaven were opened and the fountains of the great deep were unstopped". The groundwater is returned to the oceans in these "fountains of the great deep", and along with it is flowing all of this REFINED GASOLINE! {Think of the Deep-water Horizon Oil Rig that exploded in the Gulf of Mexico}. Recently, those workers said on CNN: "We were standing on the platform and heard rumbling sounds coming up the pipe! I yelled... I smell gasoline". "The man beside me said"... "Run like Hell"... "We took off for the lifeboats. Not thirty seconds later, we turned to see our friends, still standing there, get incenerated". Please reference the October, 2010 Edition of The National Geographic. Look at the poor pelican covered in crude oil. Notice what crude oil looks like. There is no sheen, there are  no colors, just orange/brown peanut-butter. Now turn back one page and note the place in the ocean where the Deep Water Horizon sank. SEE THE SHEEN AND COLORS? THIS IS REFINED GASOLINE WAY OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN!

 Formulas are considered trade secrets, so, it is difficult at best for the gen-
eral public to ascertain exactly what chemicals exist in a particular “batch” of
gasoline. There are over 150 different compounds found in in any given form-ulation of gasoline. Within this group, there exist over 60 individual chemicals that are KNOWN to cause cancer in humans. Without getting overly technical, a spill of only 10 gallons of gasoline, a quantity undetectable by manual inventory control, contains about 230 grams of benzene. The EPA's Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for benzene is five parts per billion (PPB), or five micrograms per liter, in drinking water. The density of gasoline is about 0.8 grams per milliliter, so the benzene in a 10 gallon gasoline leak can contaminate about 46 million liters, or 12 million gallons, of water!

 **This means that a spill of only three gallons of gasoline into the water table
can contaminate the drinking water of an entire small town! The leaking gas-oline from a single overturned automobile has been known to contaminate 20 individual water supply wells over a mile away!!

                               ...LET'S GET MEDICAL...

 This author was a pharmaceutical representative for The Hoechst-Roussel Pharmaceutical Company and, as such, has extensive medical knowledge. It was my job to detail physicians on every pharmaceutical aspect of various drugs, from pharmacokenetics to metabolization, and dose, etc. Products detailed included CLAFORAN, a third generation cephalosporin hospital IV antibiotic, indicated for use in cases of pediatric meningitis, {A brain infection in children} and other life-threatening infections, LASIX, a powerful diuretic, used in cases of congestive heart failure, and DIABETA, a second generation sulfonylurea indicated for type 2 diabetes. So, one may see the necessity of extensive specific medical knowledge in exact areas {the brain and internal organs}. A thorough working knowledge of these specific areas of internal medicine became an important factor in being able to decipher all of this information and come up with some real answers. Admittedly, I am not a doctor, none-the-less, I would like to thank Hoechst-Roussel for their wonderful training and intensive courses of study that they require! If taken to the kidney, I can tell you all about the Loop of Henley and the Islets of Langerhans, In the pancreas, I can tell you all about the insulin producing beta cells. In the brain, I can tell you all about the neurotransmitters, the synaptic gap, and how antidepressants like SRI's work, etc. Hoechst-Roussel is an excellent pharmaceutical company with strict requirements including completion of several courses of study at The Medical College of PA. I remain grateful to them for the education provided, and the medical knowledge they have taught me! Realizing, as taught, that there are certain responsibilities in regards to the ethical presentation of medical information, and because I do not represent anyone except myself, this author takes full responsibility for accuracy and truthfulness. Thank you Hoechst-Rousssel.

 “Superfund” sites are places where a known release of gasoline into the ground occurred, and the responsible party cannot pay to rectify the situation, or cannot be found, so, the United States Government has assumed financial responsibility for the clean up, hence the term, "Superfund". Although President George Bush spent all the money on the war in Iraq, and there are no funds left, the sites are still referred to thusly.

 In this theory, from scientific observation and statistical analysis of families
and persons living near these "Superfund" sites, the following is postulated:

  First, it has never been realized just how fragile the human body's delicate sugar regulating mechanism really is, as evidenced by the sheer number of diabetics living near "Superfund" sites and other places where known gasoline spills exist. Nor has it been realized just how strong an affinity these degrading constituents of gasoline have for the pancreas. They accumulate in the pan-creas. Remember, the body's insulin supply is manufactured by the beta cells, located in the pancreas.

 **In type 2 gasoline induced diabetes: The patient has been exposed to trace quantities of the degrading constituents of gasoline, over time, usually in the well water near their home. In consequence, the insulin producing beta cells have been poisoned. They have become sick, their DNA has been damaged. Now, they are only capable of producing insulin in a limited fashion. It is commonly thought that sulfonylureas like Micronase and Diabeta can "stim-ulate" the beta cells to produce more insulin. In theory, Diabenese, Orinase, Tolinase, the first generation sulfonylureas {prescribed years ago}, wear the damaged {poisoned} beta cells out more quickly, whereas the second gen-eration sulfonylureas, like Micronase and Diabeta, {glyburide}, seem to not wear these cells out so quickly. After a little heavier exposure, or a longer period of time exposed, type 1 diabetes develops. The beta cells are KILLED and can no longer produce any insulin at all, stimulated, or otherwise. Now, insulin must be procured from an outside source and injected. After more exposure, or even longer time exposed, pancreatic cancer develops. Remember, the insulin producing beta cells are located in the pancreas. Pancreatic toxicity! Imagine that! WOW! What a realization... Diabetes Type 1 and 2 and pancreatic cancer are really just progressions of the same "disease", and are generally caused by environmental contamination! PRIMARILY... GASOLINE!

 Diabetes is such a confusing disease... until you know the cause. A simple ex-
planation of all of these confusing aspects of diabetes is finally offered! Why
fifty percent of patients live in the same household, fifty percent do not. Why
fifty percent of patients are blood relatives, fifty percent are not. Why diabe- tes can strike at any age, young or old, and perhaps the most puzzling aspect
of all... why there are two "types" of diabetes, type 1 and type 2, and two kinds of each of these, juvenile onset, and adult onset. It explains how type 1 and 2 diabetes occur in both adults and children. It explains why diabetes just "develops"! AT ANY AGE! The medical literature teaches that diabetes is a totally random disease of unknown etiology. And now you know why. It cer-tainly explains the fact that God did not just make a mistake and create some people to have diabetes and others not. Man was created perfectly in every way. "In the image of God made He man". The EPA will tell you that a certain number of diabetics per every so many people is normal. I would like to know, on what science is that based? I will tell you that any diabetes at all is abnormal. Diabetes is NOT the normal state of man. The shocking realization is not that diabetes exists, rather the frightening RATE OF INCREASE in the incidence of this “disease”. A whopping 28 percent of the population now has diabetes or prediabetes, affecting over eighty one MILLION Americans! Whew!

 When there exists more sickness and disease than people that are well, pri-vate health care insurance will no longer work. It goes broke rather quickly. Oops, I promised not to get political, but looking at these rates of increase in these diseases, it does not take a mathematics professor to determine why President Obama has to have Government controlled health care. Before the global, catastrophic release of gasoline into the water table, only one in 20,000 Americans was born with autism. Now, one in every 110 children born in America will have autism! Diabetes, parkinsons, alzheimers, certain brain cancers in children, pancreatic, and other internal organ cancer, and autism are all increasing at a rate of from ten to seventeen percent per year. Simple math tells us that if left unchecked, at the present rate of increase, in only five years, one half of all Americans will have these diseases. In just a little over ten years, we will all have them. And that does not account for the exponential. In other words, it is accelerating.

 **The entire southern two thirds of Florida is now recognized as a children’s
brain cancer cluster. The shocking truth, when plotted on a “cluster” map of the state, it follows the flow of the Everglades. Scientists just can’t seem to figure out why. We are already seeing the increase in diabetes, birth defects, autism, Downs syndrome, and brain cancer clusters in children. It affects the DNA. Permanently. To such an extent that the DNA replicates less and less effectively with each successive generation. [Benzene has been shown to be metabolized into reactive compounds that permanently bind to DNA]. It is quite possible that autism is merely the genetically defective result of the gasoline poisoning of the parents. It follows sound reasoning that a physician would want to ask them, “Which one of you is diabetic”? This author predicted five years ago that the human race may only have a very limited amount of time left to produce healthy children. We are already seeing these increases accelerate exponentially in the diagnosis of: juvenile onset diabetes, autism, Down’s syndrome, children’s brain cancer clusters, horrible skeletal deformations, and other birth defects, all increasing at startling rates! These sick children are the epitome, the DEFINITION, of the word “meek”. They are God’s meek! 

                   ** "AND THE MEEK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH"!

           ..."AND WOE BE UNTO THOSE THAT ARE WITH CHILD IN                                            THOSE DAYS"...
                                        [THE LAST DAYS]

 It seems that the Biblical scholars have had such a hard time explaining things
like predestination. Does that mean that God knows the outcome of your life before you are even born? Well, yes He does, but that is NOT predestination. Predestination happens at the very moment of conception. From the moment the sperm and egg contact, your DNA is formed! "And even the very hairs of your head are numbered". From that moment you will be "predestined" to be-come: a man or a woman, with certain hair color, specific bone structure, eye color, skin tone, blood type, on and on. Yes, identical twins have the same number of hairs on their heads! Then, after exposure to contaminants, the twins are born co-joined at the head or elsewhere. That's right... Siamese Twins. And physicians are trained to believe all this is genetic? Does God really make mistakes like THAT? Mistakes that are passed on from generation to generation? This author refuses to believe that! Here is the REAL scoop on genetics...

  Many of us are musically inclined... some of us can actually pick up any mu-sical instrument and begin playing it! "And from the tribe of Jubal came those such as handle the harp and organ". Musical inclination is genetic! Other "spe-cial" gifts from God are genetic. Our mental "qualities" are genetic. In fact, ALL of our physical and mental attributes are genetic gifts from God, while sickness and disease are caused by Man! Environmental contamination is permanently, irreversibly, altering the genetics of the human race! It is damaging our DNA and most likely, unless we determine a method of creating DNA, there will NEVER BE A CURE! It is time to get focused on PREVENTION!

 **The sciences of chemistry and hydrogeology tell us much about why so many different "diseases" are produced by a single substance... gasoline. This is a complicated subject, at best, and is almost a "science" in it's own right! The Environmental Protection Agency will tell you that if the exact same specific kind of cancer, {or whatever disease} is not present IN ALL SICK RESIDENTS of a given area, then you do not have a true "cluster". In other words, clusters of sick people presenting with "different" diseases do not exist. This author is telling you that nothing could be further from the truth! Remember the over 150 different compounds present in gasoline? And the over 60 chemicals present in gasoline that are KNOWN CARCINOGENS? Well, they are now degrading in the water table. Also, one must consider the ever changing additives, which change from day to day and batch to batch. Among these additives are the chemicals that produce the "signature", defining which oil company owns this particular batch of gasoline, for the purpose of determining "responsibility". Different chemicals act differently in the water, over time. Some, like benzene, float. Others, like toluene, evaporate. Others, like lead, seek out different levels in the water. Some, like Methyl-Tertiary-Butyl-Ether, {MTBE} actually permeate the water, BECOMING PART OF THE WATER, almost as if it were "homogenized". Remember that with the extensive use of dispersants and surfactants these constituents have been broken down into microscopic particles too small to be removed from the water, or even filtered out! These factors, and others, such as the depth of the individual well in question, depth and composition of the well casing, the age and condition of the pump, the fact that the pump is sucking water up a pipe, the size and shape of the "cone of depression" formed by the sucking pump, the level of the water table in times of drought, or excessive rainfall, even the changing seasons and passage of time affect specifically which contaminants are sucked up by the well's pump. These different constituents of gasoline all affect the DNA a little differently. But they all affect the DNA, causing very different {but very specific} "diseases" to be seen in any given cluster of gasoline poisoned residents. The EPA "anti-cluster" theories just got blown away!

 The methodology of this author's studies of the twelve Superfund sites must
be discussed. In the communities examined, I am shocked by the very few people that remain unaffected. Those that do in fact remain unaffected have either not lived in the area for very long, or are on public water. Else-wise, everybody is drinking trace quantities of gasoline, that is why they are sick with these very specific "diseases." These trace quantities, consumed over time, are accumulating in the organs and brain, although in the water, such amounts are too small to detect by ordinary {inexpensive} means. One cannot taste or smell it, {usually}, and being very deep does not necessarily preclude a well from having these contaminants in it! Also, drinking from a public water supply does not necessarily preclude an individual from consuming the degrading constitu-ents of gasoline, as some geographical areas are much worse than others!  As stated, traces of the degrading constituents of gasoline may now be found in practically ALL drinking water, all around the world, public drinking water supplies included. Some of these chemicals are so toxic that a trace, consumed daily, over time, is all it takes to make us very very sick.

 This researcher was frankly shocked to recently learn of a physician using the
same mapping techniques, plotting cases of children's brain cancer on a "cluster" map of the state of Florida. Not surprising to me, the cluster follows the flow of the Everglades. Only the doctor hasn't figured out why. {Recently, this doctor was contacted and exposed to the gasoline research}. His com-ment: "You are scaring me Mike, I think you are getting to the root of the cause". Startling discoveries were made employing this mapping method. This researcher has been successfully using overlay maps for almost seven years now. In fact, overlay maps, actually discovered by accident, became crucial in this research.

 In each of the twelve Superfund sites, the geographic center of the spill was
plotted on a map. Remembering that water flows downhill, following the path of least resistance, and accounting for the "lay of the land", {the slope of the
area}, concentric circles were drawn, then stretched into ovals, to account for
"hot spots" that were presumed exist. These "hot spots", are created by low
lying areas, ditches along the roadway, and other objects disrupting surface
flow, such as a fence row. Obviously, puddles are formed in these low lying areas. As the water after a rain finishes soaking back into the ground, the ponding and pooling produces hot spots, as the contaminants have a strong tendancy to concentrate themselves in low areas. On a duplicate, separate map, the cases of disease were plotted. By coincidence, one day, the maps were accidentally placed side by side. Seeing the similarities, I placed one on top of another. As I began to flip the pages back and forth, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. They matched. An exactly perfect match was found con-necting the "hotspots" to the cancers. In the first area of these sites, {the inner circle and closest area to the spill}: Everybody had died {or was dying} of internal organ cancer, usually pancreatic... and all of those also presented with with diabetes. In the next circle, some lukemia was found, and cases of child-ren's brain cancer. All except the vacant houses, where previous occupants could not be traced, or those houses in which new, healthy occupants were found, now hooked up to the public water supply, which were discounted from the studies. It is noted that some of the vacant houses were left unoccupied due to the death of the previous residents. Those verifiable deaths were also included in these studies. It bears mentioning that only one case of death by heart attack was noted, and that THIS patient was also... diabetic!

 Included in these figures was a man living on top of a hill. His house and well
were the highest elevation of any place for miles around. He drank well water,
and ate only vegetables and fruit, was 102 years old, worked in his garden every day, was spry enough to stand on one foot and tie his other shoe, and still drove a car. He did not present with diabetes or any other apparent sickness. He appeared to retain, pretty much, his full mental capacity. He has evidently passed away by now, as his figures were added to the studies five years ago. That would make him 107 years old... if he is still alive. It was due to my fascination with this subject that I began mapping low lying areas. My findings have already been presented.

 In the next few days, the last two circles were added. The findings: autism, and diabetes in all stages, both type 1 and type 2, both young and old, and a lot of headaches, and alzheimers with parkinson like symptoms. It seemed that people had been affected first by memory loss, followed by some loss of cog-nitive brain function... and a lot of headaches. THE common denominator was, in practically all cases... diabetes.

 **Physicians:... Over 95% of all cases presented with diabetes. {Plus whatever else in some cases}. Age groups had absolutely no correlation what-soever. This randomness accounts for many questions raised. It bears men-tioning that the parents of the autistic children were also... diabetic, and that cases of diabetes were found in the households with brain cancers. Startling? You bet! **This researcher has reason to believe it is possible that in the cases of autism and brain tumors, the contaminants in question were passed on from the Mother to infant during breast feeding, from ten to fourteen years before the actual diseases began to get diagnosed. This information is based largely upon the time frame from suspected contact with the offending chemicals, to the point when these specific diseases present symptoms and are diagnosed. However, no conclusive evidence exists. These observations warrant more research, perhaps even separate studies on these particular diseases are called for. These proposed studies would of course require a large number of new subjects.

 **There exists way too much sickness and disease in the neighborhoods around these toxic sites. As predicted, statistical analysis of the demographics of these superfund sites has determined the cause of these diseases. I just love to play with numbers. **Statistics do not lie. Only politicians lie!

 Too many pets and farm animals were affected with the same diseases as were found in PEOPLE around these known gasoline contaminated sites. In fact, so much animal sickness was uncovered that the local veterinarians were contacted. They have had so many calls from these contaminated areas... "My dog is sick", "My dog is sick", that they have a standard answer for that. It works every time... "Stop giving that dog well water".

 It is time to address the mechanism of action of these degrading constituents of gasoline, in the body. These chemicals accumulate in the brain and internal organs, having a particular affinity for the pancreas. They are permanently bound to the DNA. This researcher has become convinced that this causes the DNA to replicate less and less perfectly with each successive generation, until near the end, the DNA, and in consequence, the body's cells, are no longer able to reproduce themselves at all. IN MY OWN WORDS... DNA is beautiful to behold, mathematical in structure, perfectly symmetrical, and extremely complicated. DNA molecules are incredibly long. Despite their microscopic size, if all of the DNA from all of your cells was stretched out into a single thread, it would extend from the Earth to the moon and back about one million times. God created DNA. God created perfect DNA that should replicate perfectly... every time... forever and ever. Remember, some men in the Bible lived six, seven, eight hundred years or more! The great secret of the aging process lies in the DNA. The aging process began in Man in the Garden of Eden. As a result of having eaten of the "Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil", Man began to age. "And dying thou shalt die ..." was Gods vengeance upon Man for this disobedience. The DNA replicates by basically "unzipping" and dividing into identical halves. But, having been affected by environmental contamination, the halves are now permanently, irreversibly, defective.

 Normal DNA is the "software" that directs cellular activity. The nucleus, or control center, of a cell, is where the DNA resides, coiled up into chromo-somes. With the exception of reproductive cells, every cell has 46 chromo-somes. Twenty two pairs of chromosomes are similar in terms of size, shape and genetic content. The twenty third pair determines the sex of the individual, and is composed of either two x chromosomes, female, or an x and a y chro-mosome, male. The DNA is responsible for "instructing" eye tissue to repro-duce eye tissue, kidney cells to  reproduce kidney cells, etc. When the instruc-tional unit, DNA, gives faulty "directions" to the body's cells, the cells don't know what to do. They are likely, eventually, to begin to reproduce mush... Not a correct cell at all. In my theories, THIS IS END STAGE CANCER! Because the chemicals permanently bind to DNA, damaging it, there is no cure, nor is it likely to EVER be a cure, unless we learn how to create DNA! As previously stated, the focus needs to be redirected towards PREVENTION!

 Parkinson's is not a clearly understood "disease". But the medical community is slowly catching on to the idea that parkinsons can be caused by environmental contamination. All of the latest medical research is pointing in this direction, mine included. MPTP (1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine) for example, is a neurotoxin that causes permanent symptoms of parkinsons disease by destroying certain neurons in the substantia nigra of the brain. {This is the area of the brain affected in ALL cases of parkinsons}. It has been used in study disease models in various animal studies. MPTP is related to MPPP, a synthetic opioid drug with effects similar to those of heroin and morphine. MPTP can be accidentally produced during the illicit manufacture of MPPP, and that is how it's parkinsons inducing effects were first discovered. A famous chemist actually made this mistake and injected himself with MPTP. Within two days, permanent parkinsons symptoms were induced! PARKINSONS IS INDUCED BY EXPOSURE TO CHEMICALS. This researcher has become convinced that the contaminants found in gasoline can do exactly the same thing when consumed in drinking water, over time. Note the methyl, and phenyl, closely related to metabolites of the constituents of gasoline. Note the "tetra... as in tetra-ethyl-lead!  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MPTP

 **According to the Environmental Protection Agency, you are seventy five percent more likely to develop parkinson's disease if you are drinking water from a well! Now you know why! Another observation, parkinsons was found in the extreme outerlimits of these superfund sites, at points much further away from the "epicenter" of the spill{s}, suggesting that exposure to very low, almost undetectable traces of the degrading constituents of gasoline, over time, will cause parkinsons {and it's related alzheimers as well}, MANY YEARS AFTER EXPOSURE! Does this make sense? Upon light exposure to gasoline, in a human, I am talking about a few drops a day over time, you will experience headaches and memory loss. It is easy to dismiss these as signs of old age. The findings indicate that later in life, AT LOW EXPOSURE LEVELS, you will experience PROGRESSIVLY WORSE COGNITIVE DYSFUNCTION. No diabetes, end of disease, you grow old, forget a lot of stuff, and subsequently will eventually die of old age. {"and dying, thou shalt die", the natural aging process.}

**I AM SAYING THAT AT VERY LOW DOSE: ONLY QUALITY OF LIFE IS AFFECTED, NOT NECESSARILY LIFE SPAN. After a little heaver exposure, diabetes develops. After a little heaver exposure, you begin to see BAD diabetes. Upon a little heaver exposure, or LONGER TIME EXPOSED TO THE SAME LEVEL... first diabetes, later turning into bad diabetes, presenting with trophic ulcers, and other complications, and finally, pancreatic cancer.

 **Please note that in many cases the RESULTS {diseases} are not seen until after some years have passed since the patient in question was exposed to the gasoline in question. THIS KIND OF POISONING AT LOWER DOSES MAY NOT EXHIBIT CANCER FOR MANY YEARS. LIKE AN "INCUBATION" PERIOD. Except that I do not think this is what is really happening. In this theory, the DNA is permanently affected to such an extent that it is  no longer able to perfectly reproduce. Each successive generation reproduces less and less effectively, over a period of some years, until near the end, the DNA is no longer able to replicate at all.

** A very important note: Several cases of suspected gasoline poisoning were found from SIPHONING GAS BY MOUTH, resulting in parkinsons many years later. One subject for example, was an 83 year old female presenting with a strong tremor and very mild cognitive dysfunction. Her story: Back in the war, {The reference was World War 2 early 1940's}, As a young woman in her early twenties; in the family's garage, her brother forced her to siphon gas into cans, as it was strictly rationed in those days. She choked repeatedly, and just could not do it. The parkinsons was becoming noticeable by her 60th birthday. Several cases of suspected siphoning by mouth poisoning were reported, with very similar time frames. According to the NC State toxicological report on gasoline, {and, in new stations, the sticker on the pump}, "Gasoline should never, ever be siphoned by mouth". Well, how many of us have actually done THAT?

 Alzheimers, also not clearly understood, seems to be a disease of cognitive dysfunction, involving nearly the same area of the brain, the substantia nigra, or "dark region" found deep in the mid brain just above the basil ganglia. The medical community has only very recently begun to realize that alzheimers and parkinsons are probably closely related, and even more recent research indicates that diabetes is probably related as well! What the medical community has NOT figured out is WHY! ... Because these "diseases" are generally caused by environmental contamination, primarily... gasoline. The latest medical research also shows elevated levels of LEAD in the brains of these patients! Yes, LEAD... As was found in leaded gasoline, many years ago. Imagine that! Also noted... Depending upon the area, the groundwater may take from tens to hundreds of years to reach the oceans from whence it came, exposing the environment, and the population, to all this contamination along the way.
 **The cases of brain cancer in children were all of a very specific type of tumor known as ganglioglioma multiform. This is exactly the same specific brain cancer found in petrochemical workers. You know... people that handle the chemicals used to manufacture gasoline. The same exact specific tumor is found in the children's brain cancer cluster located in the Everglades of Florida. Imagine that!

 Other findings: Gasoline is way too toxic a substance to be placed in the hands of John Q. Public, and it appears that we really need to find a better method of powering all these vehicles we drive daily, but it is already too late. If gasoline production was stopped entirely, right now, today, the levels of benzene and toluene in our drinking water would likely continue to increase for a number of years due to hydrogeological factors, and the existence of confined aquafers of gasoline trapped deep within the Earth. This message must be delivered to the general public. The American public needs to be educated. Then, parents could protect their children in such simple ways as teaching them not to play in water puddles. The contaminants concentrate themselves is such places. If only people knew to blot the oily residue from the surface of their truck stop coffee with a paper napkin, it removes a large percentage of the contaminants. Folks in rural areas, not near public water supplies could drink bottled water. There is no safe well water left on this planet! {In my opinion}. All public water systems now contain some trace of the degrading constituents of gasoline. SOME MUCH MORE SO THAN OTHERS. Like Los Angeles, and Denver, Colorado, particular areas of deep concern. LA is located at the base of the mountains, BETWEEN THE MOUNTAINS AND THE SEA. Remember, the groundwater flows downhill and follows the path of least resistance on it's way to the oceans from whence it came. Thousands of tractor trailers deliver goods and food EVERY DAY to the population living in LA. Due to it's sheer size and number of people living there, many truckstops and gasoline stations are located up in those mountains. IT WAS IGNORANT TO PUT GASOLINE IN THESE MOUNTAINS. EVERYBODY AT THE BASE OF THE MOUNTAIN ON THE SEAWARD SIDE WILL MOST LIKELY DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH. CANCER, LUKEMIA, YOU WILL FIND CONCENTRATED AREAS OF THESE DISEASES ALL AROUND LA. Anyone with the money to do so, will eventually leave this city! This author predicts that in the not too distant future, LA will become a vacated, massive garbage dump for the less contaminated cities of the west coast, a decaying ghost town with a small population of sick and dying, desperate people that simply do not have the money or the means to move away. In the not too distant future, some will walk out of this city with only the clothes on their back, and what few possessions they can carry. Los Angeles... City of Angels... Imagine that!

 Also, please note that antidepressants like Prozac, and Zoloft are now found in all drinking water... All around the world. According to EPA sources, this is due to the urinary excretion of these drugs by the patients taking them. Well... don't believe this is by accident. If these "serotonin reuptake inhibitors" will block the neurotransmitters, then they might block something else in the brain.... like absorption of lead or benzene metabolites! In cases of gasoline poisoning, the first symptoms to appear are usually slight loss of memory and other mild cognitive effects, such as walking into a room and forgetting why you are there. SRI’s could, in my opinion, help to delay these effects! Our government might try to protect us by connecting public water supplies to all populated areas, and dumping huge quantities of serotonin reuptake inhibitors into the water supply, but our government will not TELL us. They CANNOT tell us! But now YOU know... cancer, lukemia, diabetes, parkinsons, alzhimers, autism... all exponentially increasing... **It is in the water! All around the world! The genetics of humankind are daily being altered by environmental contam-ination, and there is really nothing we can do about it.  It is too late. The damage has been done, and cannot be reversed! Man has destroyed this world! We are living in the beginning of The Last Days right now! You have a front row seat!

 Rev 8:10-11 "And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from
             heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third
             part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters; And the
             name of the star is called Wormwood: And the third part of the
             waters became wormwood; And many men died of the waters,              because they were made bitter". [Contaminated]
 It says "fountains of waters". Artesian wells are common all over the world and are by definition... "fountains of waters", referring to THE WATER TABLE! The reference to "rivers of waters" obviously means the surface run off. Also, the fallen trees from gasoline contamination literally become... Wormwood. Knowing this... now read it again!

  By way of comfort to the reader, your instructions are given in Psalms 36 and 37...

              "Fret not thyself because of evil doers, but rest in the Lord, and
              wait paitiently upon Him"... and He will come! You are saved by               faith. Faith in the unseen... You know... faith... the same driving               force that made me do all this work!

         Author: George Michael Richardson     mikescomputer@earthlink.net