The Turbulent Years

Previous mention was made of my family's involvement, as educators, in the Glassboro and Gloucester County, N.J. school systems. The African American Civil Rights Movement took place roughly around 1955 to 1968. It was a movement that was aimed at outlawing racial discrimination against people of color and restoring Suffrage. The Southern United States sometimes get the bad rap of being the principle perpetrator of racial discrimination and segregation. Let's not forget that many northern states practiced slavery. Discrimination and segregation existed in Gloucester County, N.J. well into the 1950s and 1960s. My mother, aunts, and uncles were teachers and fought very hard to serve the underserved in our community. My uncle, Leroy Bright, became the first African American to serve on the Gloucester County Board of Education. His actions, as a board member, were largely responsible for ending school segregation in Gloucester County, New Jersey.

The local NAACP, led by Milton Hinton, was also involved in civil rights during this peroiod. I haven't had the opportunity to talk to Milton, regarding his civic activities, in years.
The Turbulent Years
Note: The comment, "first black families", in the article refers to South Glassboro, not the whole town.


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