Two Trees Perry, Taylor County, Florida

Perry, Florida
Bright Residency 1885-1917

My maternal great-great grandfather, Robert Henderson Bright Sr., John Wade Bright(his son), and my grandfather, Jesse Bright, lived in Perry. Jesse Bright married my grandmother, Lula Gant, in the home of Banks and Jane Campbell on August 11, 1911. Willie Robinson or Uncle Willie was living at the Campbell's residence when Lula arrived from South Carolina. After her mother's death, Lula came to live with her aunt Jane. Previous to Lula's arrival, Willie was found abandoned on the Campbell's doorsteps. He and Lula became close friends and adopted each other as sister and brother. Uncle Willie moved to Atlantic City, New Jersey and became the owner of a well established and successful clothes cleaning business. Also present in Perry was William (Lanier)Bright or Uncle Bill. He was adopted by Robert Henderson Brightin Quincy, Florida between 1870-1880. While in Perry, Robert Henderson Sr. was a minister, John Wade a carpenter, Uncle Bill and Jesse Bright were teamsters. Jesse Bright, my grandfather, worked as an undertaker's apprentice for R. E. Mc Neill. There were marriages and family alliances between Perry, Florida Brights and Col(e)sons. Robert Henderson Bright and his wife, Ann, died in Perry. Uncle Bill, John Wade, and Jesse Bright moved to Glassboro, N. J. with their families in 1917 and lived there until their deaths. Perry residents such as Bud Watson, the Wallaces, Lees, and Rolands (Rolaxes) also moved to the Glassboro area. See the map of early 1900 Perry, Florida, Colson and Bright neighborhood.

Bright Surnames

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