Two Trees The Kenbridge (Columbian Grove)
Lunenburg County, Virginia

Kenbridge, Virginia
Harris Residency 1800-1920

My great grandparents, Robert Harris, Sr. and Algerine Hogan Harris, and their ancestors were born in Virginia around 1800. Robert and his family were found on the 1870 U.S. Census for the Columbian Grove District, Lunenburg County, Virginia. The Columbian Grove District was a post office district a few miles south of Kenbridge. It is interesting to note that there were approximately 59 free Harris surnames in Dinwiddie County in 1860 prior to emancipation. My grandparents, James Garfield Harris and Anna Belle Neblett Harris, were born in Lunenburg, County, Virginia. There were numerous Harris, Hogan, Neblett, Gee, Hinton, Bolling and Tucker relatives distributed throughout Dinwiddie and Lunenburg Counties. Many of them migrated to the Gloucester County, New Jersey area. James Garfield Harris and Anna Belle Neblett moved to Gloucester County, New Jersey around 1900. Anna Belle was employed as a domestic worker at 24 Newton Avenue, Woodbury, New Jersey in 1907. It just so happens that I was able to contact the present owner of that residence and she told me that the house belonged to two "spinster" sisters. By all accounts, it was a grand home. My grandmother must have been very strong to make the journey from Virginia to New Jersey by herself, into such an unknown world, as a Black woman. James Garfield was a farm laborer in Mullica Hill, Harrison Township, New Jersey. Anna and Garfield were married in Barnsboro, New Jersey in 1907 with William Gee as a witness. James and Anna raised their family in Clayton, Gloucester County, New Jersey. My father, Clarence Mack Harris, was a son resulting from the marital union between James and Anna Harris. Virginia history, surnames, links, maps, and fun, go to...

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