Two Trees Harris Surnames

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2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation 6th Generation 7th Generation 8th Generation
James Garfield Harris 1882-1973            
(Spouse) Anna Belle Neblett 1881-1968 Rose Elizabeth Harris 1908-1976          
  (Spouse) William Brown William Alfred Brown b. 1929        
    (Mate) Lolly        
    (Mate) Virginia Brooks Larry C. Brooks b. 1956      
      (Spouse) Phyllis Cook Larry Curtis Brooks    
        Torrey Brooks    
        Monakay Brooks    
        William Ali Brooks    
    (Spouse) Laura Ragsdale b. 1938 William Alan Brown b. 1958      
      Tracy L. Brown b. 1961      
      (Spouse) James Broughton      
      (Mate) Howard F. Farley Trevor Farley    
    Mary Elizabeth Brown        
    (Spouse) Frank H. Bluford b. 1925 Frank W. Bluford      
      Robert E. Bluford      
      Gregory A. Bluford      
      Deborah Ann Bluford      
      Vernetta Irene Bluford      
  (Mate) William Ware Cynthia Elizabeth (Harris Brown) b. 1938        
    (Mate) Frank Powell Veronica Beth (Powell) Brown b. 1956 Adopted, name changed to Paula Mason Myers      
      (Spouse) Washington Simpson Styles III b. 1961      
    (Mate) Richard Womble Jeffrey Allen (Womble) Brown b. 1958      
      (Spouse) Michelle Patricia Simmons b. 1961 Jaleel Aatiq (Womble) Brown    
    (Mate) Steven Birdsong Kelly Inez Birdsong Brown 1961-2004      
      (Mate) Damien Thomas Birdsong b. 1979    
        (Mate) Tamesha Caldwell Loyalty Ledon (Birdsong) Brown b. 2006  
          Summer Zeni (Birdsong) Brown b. 2008  
      Ludeon Steven (Birdsong) Brown 1963-1998      
      (Mate) Reyna Outlaw Maisa Cynthia Outlaw b. 1991    
    (Mate) William H. Anderson, Jr. Kathleen Gladys Anderson b. 1964      
      (Mate) Darell Anderson b. 1964 Darell Anderson, Jr. b. 1964    
    (Mate) Eugene Bryant b. 1940      
  Mary Irene Harris 1910-1979          
  (Mate) Bob Harris        
    (Spouse) Wilhelmina (Poppy) Brown Barbara Harris      
  (Spouse) Bill Jones          
  James Anderson Harris 1911-1975          
  (Mate) James Harris III        
    Delta Harris        
  Jesse Edward Harris 1913-1993          
  Clarence Mack Harris 1915-1997          
  (Spouse) Mary Lou Bright 1919-2002 Donald L. Harris
Note: See the genetic analysis and results for the Harris yDNA(genetic line)
    (Spouse) Carole Edna Jordan Donya Nosente Harris b. 1969      
      (Spouse) Makhtar Diop TBD Aminatah Jordan Diop TBD b. 2000    
        Ahmad Diop TBD b. 2004    
      Kafi Niambi Harris (Twin) b. 1973      
      (Spouse) Yohan Peter Swaniker Naa-Adoley Kamaria Swaniker b. 1997    
        Adakor Julia Swaniker b. 2001    
        Yohan Peter Swaniker, Jr. b. 2005    
      Tene Nneka Harris (Twin) b. 1972      
      (Spouse) Alfonzo Clifton Webb II b. 1970 Alfonzo Clifton Webb III b. 1995    
        Alexis Ciera Webb b. 2002    
        Aston Clifton Webb    
    (Spouse) Portia Louise Silva Siplin 1947-2002 Dax Siplin      
    Christine Marie Harris b. 1944        
    (Spouse) Steven Tilles Zevi Tilles      
  Howard Henry Harvard Harris 1917-1918          
  Anna Marion Harris 1920-2004          
  (Spouse) Harry Kenneth Cook, Sr. Harry Kenneth Cook, Jr.        
    (Mate) Marie Ascher Carole Cook      
      (Spouse) Abdul Kaloko Zion Kaloko    
        Sierra Kaloko    
    (Mate) Charlotte Ingram        
    Shirley Cook        
    (Spouse) Robert Robinson, Sr. Lisa Robinson      
      (Spouse) Le Anthony Robinson    
        LaVon Robinson    
        Laymar Robinson    
      Robert Robinson, Jr.      
      Nearie Robinson      
      (Spouse) Willis Eshon Dayshur Willis    
  George Daniel Harris 1920-1973          
  (Mate) Virginia(Ginnie) Gregory George Calvin Gregory        
    (Spouse) Laura Irene Gregory        
  (Mate) Gladys Geneva        
  (Mate) Marcella Son ?        
  Walter Alfred Harris 1923-1957          
Harriet (Hattie) Harris 1886-1976            
(Spouse) Nelson Blackwell b. 1872 Major P. Blackwell b. 1909          
  Gusta Blackwell b. 1913          
  Gertrude Blackwell b. 1915          
  Mary J. Blackwell b. 1917          
Thumper Harris b. 1889            
(Spouse) Georgia E. b. 1891 Unice Harris Reed 1914- 2001          
  (Spouse) Carlton Reed          
  (Mate) Neil Jones?        
  Ocklis A. Harris b. 1917          
  Susie A. Harris b. 1916          
Melvine Harris (Adopted) b. 1910            
Rufus Harris (Adopted) b. 1912            


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