Two Trees Harris Surnames

Ancestral Possibilities For Robert W. Harris and Algerine Hogan

Theory 1

Slave Male Harris + Slave Violet Harris b.1805

Wilson Harris b.1832
Richard Harris b. 1840
Robert W. Harris b. 1845
Guy Harris b. 1853

Theory 2

Page No. 23, Schedule 2, Slave Inhabitants. County of Lunenburg, VA, July 6, 1860. Slave Owner: William A. Harris

Male(B) slave, age 15 was Robert W. Harris.

Theory 3

Male Fugitive Slave Hogan + Female Slave Hogan b. 1820

Algerine Hogan b. 1847

Note: Some of the above slave names are projections. Slaves had no formal given or surnames prior to 1865, unless they were documented Freed Slaves.

First Generation

Robert W. Harris, Sr. b. 1845 + Algerine Hogan b. 1847

2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation 6th Generation 7th Generation 8th Generation
Mary Elizabeth Harris            
Adaline Addie Harris b. 1869            
(Spouse) Armstead Neblett b. 1862 Sterling Neblett b. 1890          
  (Spouse) Rosa B. Neblett b. 1898

Sarah J. Neblett b. 1914

    Walter M. Neblett b. 1916        
    James A. Neblett b.1917        
    William O. Neblett b. 1919        
    Emma L. Neblett b.1920        
    Rosa E. Neblett b. 1921        
    Arthur S. Neblett b. 1922        
    Gladys Neblett b.1925        
    Addie B. Neblett b. 1928        
  Clara Neblett b. 1891          

Hampton W. Neblett b. 1894

  (Spouse) Patti Bridgeforth

Cora A. Neblett b. 1917

    Hampton W. Neblett, Jr. b. 1919        
  Annie Neblett b. 1896          
Robert William Harris, Jr. b. 1871            
(Spouse) Georgette Hawthorne b. 1875 Thomas Edward Harris b. 1912          
  (Spouse) Anna Marie Thompson b. 1916 Thomas Oliver Harris        
    (Spouse) Thomas Oliver Rufus Harris      
    Elaine Harris        
    William Harris        
    (Mate) Ricky Taylor      
      (Mate) Jonathan Taylor    
        Jonay Taylor    
      Tracy Taylor      
    Edith Harris        
    (Mate) Barry Harris      
      (Mate) Kyle Harris    
        Joy Harris    
        Aliyah Harris    
    Carolanne Harris Mc Bride        
    (Spouse) Leonard Mc Bride R. Ameerah Mc Bride Bilal      
      (Mate) Aliyah Shabazz    
        Asiyah Shabazz    
      (Spouse) Ammaar Bilal    
        Anniyah Bilal    
        Anwar Bilal    
      Rodney Mc Bride      
      (Spouse) Shalonda Mc Bride    
        Rodney Malachi Mc Bride    
      Wendy Mc Bride Lewis      
      (Mate) Kamal Mc Bride    
        (Mate) Kamal Mc Bride, Jr.  
          Samaad Mc Bride  
        Jamal Mc Bride    
      Lakeisha Mc bride Brock      
      (Spouse) Duane Brock Amir Brock    
        Ahmad Brock    
  Arthur Grant Harris 1912-1984          
  (Spouse) Elizabeth Ann Moore 1914-1996 Robert Arthur Harris b. 1933        
    (Mate) Barbara Preston Jacqueline C. Preston b. 1949      
      John Robert Preston b. 1951      
    (Spouse) Edna Mae Murphy        
    (Mate) Carole Mercer Robert Arthur Mercer b. 1966      
    (Spouse) Emma Mae Parker d.1989        
    (Spouse) Theresa J. Lewis        
    Lorraine E. Harris 1934-1993        
    (Spouse) Carl A. Patterson Jacqueline C.Patterson      
      (Spouse) Benjamin Franklin Minkins Kimberly Y. Minkins    
        (Spouse) Kevin Satterfield    
        Sean Minkins    
    John Edward Harris 1936-2006        
    (Spouse) Margaret L. Lisby-Noonan Deborah L Harris      
      John E. Harris, Jr.      
      Diane E. Harris      
      Denise J. Harris      
      Margaret E. Harris      
      John E. Harris III      
      Joseph E. Harris      
      Doris Lynn Harris      
John Walter Harris b. 1873            
(Spouse) Sarah Carter b. 1878 Clara Ester Harris b. 1900          
  (Spouse) Ollie Snead Phenoid Snead        
    Anita Snead        
  Walter Shelton Harris 1902-1944          
  (Spouse) Mary Harper Shelton Harris 1928-1998        
    (Spouse) Loretta Harris Mark Harris      
      James Harris      
      Teresa Harris      
    Wadell Harris        
    George Harris Elijah Harris        
    (Spouse) Mable Grayson Darlene Harris Frazer b. 1960      
      Frederick Harris b. 1964      
      Wendy Harris b.1971      
      Spencer Harris b. 1973      
    Samuel Harris        
  Robert M. Harris 1903-1978          
  (Spouse) Corlean Hopson 1910-1998 Lorraine G. Harris 1928-1959        
    (Mate) Robert W. Tolliver Barbara Harrie Morgan      
      (Spouse) Walter Smith Chrystal Smith    
        (Spouse) Joe Stokes Tiffany Stokes b. 1988  
          (Mate) Gerald D. Holt Amir Holt b. 2008
        (Mate) Rodney Henderson Tanaya Y. Henderson b.1995  
          Tiana D. Henderson b. 1997  
      (Spouse) Willie Guy Katrina Guy    
        (Mate) Antoine Gibbs Keshawn D. Gibbs b. 2000  
        (Mate) Deshawn Drewerey Jada Drewerey  
      (Spouse) Charles Morgan      
    (Mate) Lyons Robert Lyons      
      (Spouse) Millicent Lyons Kevin Lyons    
        Kelli Lyons    
        (Mate) Evan Foster Iben Foster  
        Robert Lyons, Jr.    
        (Spouse) Shelmaneik Watson Daquan Lyons  
          Dokee Lyons  
          Darkin Lyons  
          Dasnell Lyons  
          Danasjah Lyons  
          Isaih Lyons  
          Patrick Lyons  
          Anthony Lyons  
          Akeya Lyons  
    (Spouse) Walter Davis        
    Leon B. Harris 1930-1969        
    Phyllis M. Harris b. 1932        
    (Spouse) Melvin Fowlkes Michael J. Fowlkes      
      (Spouse) Christie Jones Sharonda Fowlkes    
        (Mate) Kawon Webb  
          Kayana Webb  
          Kaleel Webb  
      (Mate) Slobhan Lee Phillip M. Fowlkes b. 1984    
      (Mate) Sharon Davis? Christopher M. Fowlkes b. 1996    
      Lynette Fowlkes      
      (Spouse) Gerald Ingram Gerald Ingram, Jr. b. 1984    
        Ashley Ingram b. 1988    
    Robert A. Harris b. 1939        
    (Spouse) Nancy Hobbs Kevin Robert Harris b. 1967      
      (Mate) Veronica Hooper Ahmeer J. Harris b. 1991    
      (Mate) Kischa Jara Keyshawn J. Harris b. 2001    
        Kiara Harris b. 2005    
      (Mate) Mellisa Chamberline Xavier Harris b. 2009    
    (Spouse) Judith Packard Christopher A. Harris b. 1980      
  Sadie Harris b. 1906          
  (Spouse) Clifton Organ One Daughter        
  Howard H. Harris b. 1909          
  (Spouse) Senola Lauri Kennith Harris        
    (Mate) Kennith Harris, Jr. Four Children    
      Derrick Harris      
    Carolyn Harris        
    (Spouse) James Eaton Kieth Eaton Four Children    
      Marcell Eaton Two Children    
    Chrystola Harris        
    (Spouse) Donald Crooms Glen Crooms One Child    
      Craige Crooms One Child    
      Tracy Crooms Two Children    
      Kimberly Crooms      
Rosa Harris b. 1876            
Anderson Harris b. 1877            
(Spouse) Mollie ? Russell Harris b. 1905          
  Herman Harris b. 1909          
  Harry Harris b. 1911          
Edna Harris b. 1968            
(Spouse) William B. Lee 1877-1954 John H. Lee 1901-1937          
  Charles W. Lee 1902-1991          
  (Spouse) Lucy perry Charles Lee 1926-1992        
    Dorthea Lee 1930-2007        
    Diane Lee        
    (Spouse) David Taylor Diane Taylor      
      David Reaves Michael Reaves    
        Maya Reaves    
        Marae Reaves    
      David Taylor, Jr.      
  Nathaniel Lee 1904-1995          
  (Spouse) Roanne          
  (Spouse) Mable Nathaniel Lee, Jr.        
    (Spouse) McGriff William McGriff      
      (Mate) Ashala Woodson    
      Diane McGriff      
      (Mate) Shalia McGriff    
      Denean McGriff      
      (Mate) Jreremiah McGriff    
    La Dora Lee        
    (Mate) La Monte Lee      
      LaToya Lee      
  (Spouse) Corlean H. Harris          
  Eva Lee 1906-2004          
  (Spouse) George White Ernestine White        
    (Spouse) Phillip Larkin Phillip Larkin, Jr.      
      (Spouse) Deborah Jamal Larkin    
        Chantell Larkin    
      Yvonne Larkin      
      (Spouse) Neal Hankins Darius Hankins    
        Damon Hankins    
        Daniel Hankins    
    George White, Jr.        
    (Spouse) Barbara Green Haywood Whuite      
      Darell White      
      (Mate) Tara White    
      Beverly White      
    Sarah Ann White        
    (Spouse) James Ambrose Marsha Ambrose      
      Sarah Ambrose Turner      
      (Spouse) Cornell Ambrose    
        Earel Ambrose    
      James Ambrose      
      (Spouse) Leslie Lewis James Ambrose, Jr.    
        Aaron Ambrose    
        Jared Ambrose    
      (Mate) Jade Polk    
      (Mate) Brandon Wilson    
      Joan Ambrose      
      (Spouse) Omar Taylor Omar Taylor, Jr.    
    Delores White        
    Hilda White        
    (Mate) Daniel White      
      (Mate) Cedric White    
        Kevin White    
    (Mate) Michael Liverock      
    (Spouse) Arthur Norman Arthur Norman, Jr.      
      (Spouse) Donna Islah Norman    
        Hana Norman    
        Abdul Norman    
      Schiene Norman      
      Diane Norman      
      William Norman      
      (Spouse) Octavia Sanusky      
    Helen White        
    Constance White        
  Elle Lee 1906-1983          
  (Spouse) Ruby Bagley Cynthia Lee 1934-1971        
    (Spouse) Raymond McDonald Keith McDonald      
      Kevin McDonald      
      Kelly McDonald      
    Roger Lee        
    (Spouse) Patricia Adams        
  Baby lee 1908(dab)          
  Ellen Lee 1909-1980          
  (Spouse) James Toone Viola Toone        
    (Spouse) Edward Bagwell Vinnie Bagwell      
      (Mate) Pierre Bagwell Green    
      Valisa Bagwell      
      (Spouse) Chris Henry Joseph Jackson Henry    
        Aubrey Henry    
        Calise Henry    
        Valone Henry    
    James Toone        
    (Spouse) Christine Epps Anthony Toone      
      (Spouse) Dinise Williams Troy Toone    
      Kimberly Toone      
      Mark Toone      
      Jeffrey Toone      
      (Spouse) Irene Williams Ashley Toone    
        Christopher Toone    
    (Mate)? Jovanna Wilder      
    Wilfred Toone        
    (Spouse) Alfred Carpenter John Carpenter      
      Gary Vaun Carpenter      
  Eta Algerine Lee 1909-1972          
  (Spouse) James Giradeau Alice Giradeau        
    Jimmy Giradeau        
    Edna Giradeau        
    Juanita Giradeau        
  Leola Lee 1911-2000          
  (Spouse) Edwin Love Edwin Love        
    Alice Love        
    Alfred Love        
    Dorothy Love        
    Marva Love        
  Claude Berkley Squire lee 1911-1991          
  Baby Lee 1913(dab)          
  Garnet O. Lee 1914-2009          
  Edna Mae Lee 1918-1979          
  (Spouse) Edmond Deloach          
  Iva E. Lee d. 1920          
  (Spouse) Lenard W. Holman Brenda Holman b. 1946        
    (Mate) Laticia R. Holman b. 1965      
      (Spouse) Kieth Jackson    
        Emarcus Jackson    
      (Spouse) Selwyn Ellis      
    (Spouse) James B. Harris Tracy L. Harris b. 1969      
  Hazel L. Lee d.1921          
  (Spouse) Samuel Brown Susan Brown        
    Sam Brown        
    Tracy Brown        
    Terrance Brown        
  Calvin C. Lee d.1924          
  (Spouse) Corraine Baskin Claudia Lee        

Pamela Carter Morgan. The daughter of Clarence Carter and Mary Ann Punty.

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