Family Churches and Cemetery in Gloucester County, Glassboro, New Jersey

Family Churches and Cemetery

Many African American migrants from the southern to northern United States established churches and worshiped with individuals from their county and state of origin.

Mt. Olive Christian Community Church

Mt. Olive Baptist church was established in 1929 at 23 North Lake Street, Glassboro, New Jersey. The church was moved and its name changed to Mt. Olive Christian Community Church, 5 North Redmond Ave., Glassboro, N. J. This is the church of my grandmother, Lula Bright, and her children. The minister is my cousin, Ronald W. Tucker.

Mt. Olive Baptist Church 1922 Mt. Olive Baptist Church 1972 Mt. Olive Christian Community Church 2008

First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church is located at Academy and Grove Streets, Glassboro, N. J. It is the church of my grandfather, Jesse Bright. Many of its original members, like my grandfather and the Wallace family, were from Perry, Taylor County, FLA. The church was curiously burned during the rash of arson fires against African American churches during the late 1990s. It has since been rebuilt.

First Baptist Church

Mt. Zion Baptist Church

This church is located at 999 South Academy Street, Glassboro, N. J. It later became the church of my uncle, Robert H. Bright (Lula Bright's son). Robert was formerly a deacon at Mt. Olive Baptist Church.

Mt. Zion Baptist Church

St. Paul Baptist Church

St. Paul Baptist Church is located at 103 Aura Road, Clayton, N. J. This is the church of my grandparents, Garfield and Anna Belle Harris, and their family. Other members, such as the Hintons, were from Dinwiddie and Lunenburg Counties, VA. St. Paul will celebrate its 100 year anniversary next year.

St. Paul Baptist Church

Land of Canaan Cemetery

This historic, predominantly African American, cemetery is located on Academy Street very close to the boundary between Glassboro and Clayton, N. J. Many Glassboro residents and individuals from surrounding towns are buried here, i.e., generations of Harris, Bright, Hinton, and Neblett families, to name a few. The cemetery is owned and maintained by my uncle, Leroy Bright.

Land of Canaan Cemetary

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