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First Generation

Robert Henderson Bright, Sr. 1834-1911 and Ann b.1833

According to the 1870 U.S. Federal Census, the descendants of Robert Henderson Bright were initially noted in Quincy, Gadsden County, Florida. Robert's ancestors were said to have been slaves from North Carolina. The parents of these slaves were said to have been Hottentots from Africa. The Bright Family moved to Perry, Taylor County, Florida from Quincy, Gadsden County, Florida around 1885. They finally migrated to Glassboro, N.J. in 1917 where their descendants still reside.

2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation 6th Generation 7th Generation 8th Generation
Nancy Bright b. 1870              
Fannie/Francis Bright b.1876              
Anthony Bright b. 1859              
Fields Bright b. 1880              
Godfrey Linear Bright b. 1867 (Adopted 1870 census/son 1885 census)              
William Linear Bright b. 1868 (Adopted 1870 census/son 1885 census)              
(Spouse) Ada Luzena Davis b. 1875(Subsequent marriage to Emmanuel Bailey b. 1882) Roy Bright 1892-1965            
  (Spouse 1) Mary Gardener Daniel Samuel Bright          
    (Spouse) Beatrice Willie Dee Bright        
      Charles Bright        
      Jean Bright        
      Danny Boy Bright        
      Sophia Bright        
      Bea Bright        
      Charlotte Bright        
      Ruby Huthson Bright        
    Gussie Bright b. 1900          
    (Spouse) Willie James Daniels, Jr. Willie Daniels, Jr.        
      (Spouse) Justine Smith Kyle Daniels      
        (Mate) William Jerome Daniels    
        Aaron Daniels      
        Pauline Daniels      
        Denise Daniels      
      Billy Daniels        
      Pumpkin Daniels        
      Sharon Daniels        
      (Spouse) Henty Long Patrice Long b. 1972      
    Alberta Bright b. 1910          
    (Spouse 1) Clyde Eugene Kendle Donald John Kendle b. 1949        
      (Spouse) Helen Lucille Shivers        
        Lori Marie Kendle b. 1973      
        Sterling Eugene Kendle b. 1989      
    (Spouse 2) Holiday Michael Bernard Holiday b.1957        
      (Spouse) Wanda Johnson        
    (Spouse 3) Pitts Jarvis Pitts b. 1955        
      (Spouse) Brenda Ebony Pitts      
  (Spouse 2) Mattie b. 1898 Herbert Bright b. 1911          
    Horis Bright b, 1914          
  Frances Bright b. 1893            
  Naomi Bright b. 1897            
  Roberta Bright b. 1899            
  Rueben Bright b. 1902            
  Amos Bright b.1904            
  Archie bright b. 1906            
  Louise Bright            
John Wade Bright 1863-1925              
(Spouse 1) Eliza Colson Henderson Bright II 1892-1910            
  Nehemiah Hemer Bright b. 1890            
  (Spouse 1) Alma Almanda(Lizzie) b. 1889            
  (Spouse 2) Nelso n            
  (Spouse 3) Calendor            
  (Spouse) James Hamilton            
  Jesse Leroy Bright, Sr. 1888-1972            
  (Spouse) Lula Gant 1892-1979 Ina Eliza Bright 1912-1998          
    (Spouse 1) Bernis Hull          
    (Spouse 2) Long          
    Mary Lou Bright 1919-2002 Donald Lee Harris        
      (Spouse 1) Carole Edna Jordan Donya Nosente Harris      
        (Spouse) Makhtar Diop TBD      
          Aminatah Jordan Diop TBD b.2000    
          Ahmad Diop TBD b. 2004    
        Kafi Niambi Harris      
        (Spouse) Yohan Peter Swaniker, Sr. Naa-Adoley Kamaria Swaniker b. 1997    
          Adakor Julia Swaniker b. 2001    
          Alexis Ciera Webb b. 2002    

(Spouse 2 Deceased)

Portia Louise Silva Siplin 1947-2003

Dax Siplin(Previous Marriage)      
      Christine Marie Harris b. 1944        
      (Spouse) Steven Tilles b. 1941 Zevi Tilles b. 1975      
    Leroy Bright II b.1927          
    (Spouse 1) Thelma Aaron 1927-2002          
    (Spouse 2) Verbena          
(Spouse 2) Addie Lee b. 1861              

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