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Dan Hotka:

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SQL Tuner (previously named JS Tuner)

By Dan Hotka

The Oracle SQL Tuning tool for any computing environment!

Java SQL Tuner, or JST is a tool I developed for use in my 2-day tuning workshops to ease the learning curve in understanding explain plans.  JST is written in Java and runs well on any computer that supports Java and the Oracle Client software.

 I have added some additional functionality so that necessary information is easily available at the user’s fingertips.  These features include pop-up windows that show all the column attributes for a table, all the available indexes for a table, and a comprehensive list of available hints.  This tool also includes a history of submitted SQL.  This version also includes the ‘Enhanced Explain Plan’ that displays the WHERE clause predicates that goes with each line of the explain plan!  

I just added support for:

  •  The new QB_NAME subquery viewing column

  • Advanced Statistics that shows actual row counts!

  • Additional Hints



System Requirements:

·        Oracle RDBMS Versions 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

·        Oracle Client Software

·        Java Runtime Environment (or a computing environment that supports Java)

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