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Dan Hotka:

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TKProf Tool/JS Analyzer

By Dan Hotka

The Oracle GUI Analysis tool for Oracle environments!

Java SQL Analyzer, or JSA is a tool I developed for use in my 2-day Advanced Tuning workshops to ease the learning curve in understanding TKProf and the new Oracle Trace Analyzer tools.  JSA is written in Java and runs well on any computer that supports Java and the Oracle Client software.

 This tool simplifies running the command-line TKProf trace analysis too.  Oracle Corp has also published a new procedure called Trace Analyzer (available from Oracle Metalink) that requires SQL*Plus to execute it.  JS Analyzer is a nice GUI interface for each tool.  


System Requirements:

        Oracle RDBMS Versions 9, 10, 11, 12

        Oracle Client Software

  • TKProf from an Oracle RDBMS Intel platform

  • Trace Analyzer from Oracle Metalink

        Java Runtime Environment 1.4 (or a computing environment that supports Java)


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Questions: Dan -at- DanHotka -dot- com