Yes ladies and gentlemen this is the Self Gratification Ego stroke page. I haven't figured out exactly how I want to format it and all that so I am afraid you will just have to settle for a fairly common format for the nonce. I will add more later I promise.

Name: Digital Panther
Birth name: Michael
Birth Date : May, 1967
Birth Location: Key West, Florida, U.S.A
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 245 lbs
Hair: Auburn (reddish blond)
Eye Color: Vary with mood generally Hazel (seriously)
Favorite colors: Black (big shock), Purple, Blue, Silver
Hates: Stupidity, Being called Mike.
Likes: (UMMM can I say that on the air?)
Hobbies: More than I have time for.
Profession: Cg artist, Video Tech, Voice Actor, background actor for films and television, all around computer geek, low voltage contractor.
Hopes: To find a real job (preferably within my chosen career field, that being TV/Film production(Cg, Editing, Acting etc)
Fears: Stupid people breeding.

Welp I still have been unable to locate a better pic and I haven't had the patience and money together at the same time to dileberately go out and get new ones taken. so The old one stays for now. though people have been threatening me with camera's for some time and I did work on a movie set recently where folks took my picture...and not just the Panavision. Hope you like it. Gee the Camera really does add weight to you. :) OK I just got my first official comment from someone who doesn't like the pic...Well untill I get a better one I fear it will have to do...I will try to get a better one soon. ok? :)(See Camin I do listen. :) )

Now that I am graduated from college maybe I can finally get the career jumpstarted. Irons are in the fire so lets see which ones have the correct temper for forging into my desires shall we? Since i have recenetly rejoined the ranks of the unemployed I have started acting in movies as an extra again. Though it is slow this time of year. there is a ton of stuff that should show up after the newyear. though I would prefer to have a real job before then ya know. But X-mas is the worst time of year to look for work that is when most lay offs occur. Ahhh Life.

Any ideas and or suggestions you may have for how I can improve this or any of my other pages are always welcome. Feel free to email me with your ideas. Please no flames. As I said I will be adding more as time goes on.

Last updated 10/28/2002

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