Free Artillerie Company,
Army of The Marquis of Montrose, ECWSA


A Company in the English Civil War Society of America

The Free Artillerie Company is a 17th Century re-enactment group established in 1997 to represent a Scottish & others Artillerie Company that learned the paths of Ware in the service of the Gustavus Adolphus, during the protracted Thirty Years War. Later these veterans returned to Scotland with their Swedish Ordnance to fight for the Marquis of Montrose and later to attempt to restore Charles the second, King of England and Scotland, to the Throne at the battle of Worcester.


This Company portrays a unit of the Marquis of Montrose's Army, English Civil War Society of America. We do events all over Northern California.  All persons interested in mid-1600's battle reenactment and living history are invited to join us.  Email Capt. Shinn


Scheduled Events 2009

Set up is Friday for all events

Woodland Scottish Games
Sat-Sun, April 25-26

Livermore Games
Sat-Sun, May 16-17

Faire Oaks Tudor Fayre - ECWSA, Fair Oaks, CA
Sat-Sun, June 27-


Fresno Scottish Games

Sat, Sept 19


Shasta Dragonwoods Faire

Sat-Sun Oct 3-4