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Gazlay and Warden Page
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Gazlay and Warden Page

My Great Grandma - Emma Gazlay Warden
Emma Gazlay was born on November 30th, 1872 in Brooklyn NY. Her parents were Carlos Gazlay and Mary(?) or Augusta(?) Lawrence. They had 4 children together, Emma (born 1872), Charles R(Bub) (born abt 1879), Harry (born abt 1876), and Walter L (born abt 1881).
Emma grew up and married Harry Arlington Warden on April 7, 1897. They had 5 children together, Walter, Charles and Arthur (my grandpa), Helen and Virginia. Emma Warden Gazlay died on 01/21/1946 and is believed to be buried in the Cypress Hills Cemetery, Watts Path Section 1
in NY.
My Great-Grandpa - Harry Arlington Warden
Harry Arlington Warden was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas in abt 1871. His father may have come from England and his mother from Pennsylvania. He may have had a sister named Caroline as well.
He worked for The Pinkerton Agency as a security guard. He moved to Brooklyn, NY during the Pullman Strike abt 1896, where he met Emma Gazlay at a John Philip Sousa Concert in Central Park.
Very little is known about him. Family stories have him abandoning his wife and children after a few years of marriage. However, I have found him listed in the 1910, and 1920 census. He must have left them sometime after 1920 because he is not listed on the 1930 census as living with Emma.
Arthur Warden Sr. - My Grandpa
Arthur Warden Sr. was born in Brooklyn, NY on 03/14/1907. He had to help support his mother Emma, after his father Harry abandoned the family, sometime after 1920. He kept in contact with his sister Helen Meaney Burkart, who had 2 daughters from her first marriage, Virginia and Evelyn, and then with his niece Virginia before he passed away.
Arthur met Pelegia Elizabeth Kornowicz in Brooklyn, NY where they were married on 09/13/1931. They had 2 children together, Arthur Jr. (my dad), and Geraldine (Gerry) Connelly (my aunt).

This was my Grandpa (my dad's dad)
Arthur Warden Sr. 03/14/1907 - 10/03/1995