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Badyna, Kornowicz and Warden Page
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Badyna, Kornowicz, and Warden

Johanna Kornowicz Badyna
This is one of the only pictures I have of my Great-Grandmother

Johanna Kornowicz
This picture is courtesy of my Aunt Gerry

My Great-Grandma

Johanna Badyna arrived from Poland, March 16, 1901, and settled in Brooklyn, NY. According to the Ellis Island Manifest, she was 19 years old, single, and would stay with her brother in Brooklyn. It appears she came from Walieniz, Pozen. She married August Kornowicz we believe in 1905. She was my dad's grandma.

My Great Great-Grandma

Agnes Badyna arrived August 26, 1902 at the age of 60 years old. We believe Agnes is Johanna's mother. She is listed on the Ellis Island Manifest  as traveling to the states with Wojach 29 yrs, Maria 28 yrs, Martin 3 yrs, Franziska 9 months, we are assumming Wojach is Agnes' son and the others are Wojach's family. They are listed as coming from Kleinze, Pozen.

My Great Grandpa

August Kornowicz arrived in Brooklyn, NY- April 22, 1902 from Kamanica, Pozen. He is listed on the Ellis Island Manifest as traveling with his wife, Franciszke 25 yrs, Marta 6 yrs, Joanne 4yrs, Maryanna 2yrs, Ignacy 1 month. From what I can find from the Census Records, we think that Franciszke died. He married Johanna Badyna sometime around 1905. He is listed on the 1910 Census as August Cornovitch and being on his 2nd marriage.



My Dad and my Grandma
Arthur Warden Jr., Pelegia Elizabeth Warden (Kornowicz) and My Dad's Brother-In-Law George Connelly

This is to my knowledge the last picture of my Grandma, Elizabeth Warden (Kornowicz) before she died in 1954 or 1955.