The real story behind
대한민국의 전쟁종군기장
The Republic of Korea's "War Service Medal"

or more precisely
대한민국의 6.25 사변종군기장
The Republic of Korea's "6.25 Incident Participation Medal"

I have been collecting Korean Orders, Medals and Decorations since 1993, and it has been my experience that the majority of the information available on the subject is either incomplete or in some cases completely erroneous. The 6.25 Incident Participation medal issued by the Republic of Korea is no exception. Take for example the information on On three separate occasions, I tried to correct the errors on their Korean War Service Medal page, but to no avail. Each time someone has returned it to the original misinformation.
An equally important reason for me to put this page together is my interest in helping veterans and collectors to recognize the authentic medals from the more spurious reproductions.
Please do not be put off with the way that some of the pictures are posted on the KWSM website. I do not mind people making copies of my pictures, but I am tired of those one or two individuals who republish the pictures on the internet and then distort the truth, modify the pictures and/or fail to give proper source credits.
On most of the documents that I present on the website, you can left click on the image and it will open a new window with the document in a larger scale. Use your browsers' back button to return to the original page. For the remaining pictures, you can right click on the image, then select "View Image" and it will present the picture in a separate window. At that point, you should be able to left click the image and get a larger picture.

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