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I am an ex-New Yorker who moved to Malibu about fifteen years ago.  I would not consider moving back.

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About Me I consider myself a true New Yorker.  Born in Manhattan, grew up and went to school in Brooklyn, Bronx and Manhattan, and lived for many years in Queens.  Up until I discovered Malibu.

I am currently retired, although it was not quite with the timing and under the circumstances that I had planned.  However, should I run out of money, I have saved my "99 cent hamburger" hat just in case I may be forced back into the rat race.

About My Roots As far as I know, my branch of The Farbman Family tree leads back to a small town in Belarus.  The town was (and maybe still is) called Dvinsk, which may be in the city/region called Brest-Litovsk.

Some day, when I figure out how, I will append a genealogy chart which spans five generations.  At the turn of the 20th century, there was my grandfather Julius and his brother Max. Story tells that they spent their younger years throwing bombs at the bad guys.  When chased by the not-so-understanding mobs and mounted soldiers, Julius and Max would hide under the false floor of the local bake shop. Julius later married Mollie whose parents owned the shop. Both Julius and Max later came to the United States and families settled in the New York/New Jersey area.  After many years, some branches moved to California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, and other locations.


About Malibu As a Southern California Coastal person, when talking to people from just about all other locations on the globe, it is obligatory that I provide a weather report.  It is almost always sunny, clear, and in the 70's. If you doubt me, and would like confirmation and a more comprehensive weather report, try The Weather Channel website.

It is also mandatory that I provide a denial.  It is not true that Malibu is subject to quakes, canyon fires, mudslides, road closures, locusts, frogs, plagues, or any other negative thing.  (Well, hardly ever, anyway.)

Malibu is a strip of land, that is 27 miles long, and for the most part, no more than a mile or two wide.  It has the Pacific Ocean on one side, and the Santa Monica Mountains on the other.  Malibu is located on the top of "the curve" of Santa Monica Bay, and actually runs East/West.  So, rush hour driving means driving into the direct sun both in the morning and on the return trip in the evening.  Not a problem for me anymore.

If you have never seen an ocean before, or a mountain before, here are two pictures:

To be truthful, neither of the above two pictures show Malibu sites, but they are of surfing on the Pacific Ocean and of a mountain.  And Malibu has both, although not to the above extremes.


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April 5, 2003

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