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The Deviations series contains mature themes and situations.
It has been called both science fiction and dark fantasy, but it is not young adult fantasy.
Please download and share responsibly.

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Series conclusion

About the Deviations series:

Long ago the Masari and the Yata hunted together in peace, until the species they drove to extinction included those possessing nutrients necessary to Masari survival. The Yata then became the only source of those nutrients. Deviations tells how these peoples cope with the reality of being sentient creatures forced to play the roles of predator and prey, and how several of them try to thwart long-established conventions in the hope of overcoming their biological imperative. In Deviations love triumphs in the midst of death. The series focuses on the social, ethical, and spiritual dilemmas surrounding both the literal cannibalism of the societies involved and the many ways in which their different communities feed off each other.

"If you are looking for something different with a great story line, I would suggest reading these books. They are very well written and draw the reader into the story, possibly against their will." -- Rachel Baker, Old Musty Books

"Without sensationalized graphic violence or the glamorized pornography of pulp romance novels, Ms. Malcohn achieves what good science fiction/fantasy is intended to do. She has created a believable world, with characters with whom you can empathize, in a good story that is well and eloquently told." -- David Roth, Examiner

"I give this one an enthusiastic recommendation. Interesting characters, interesting moral quandary, and lots of responses to it. I was expecting one of two easy answers, but Malcohn quite bravely avoided them both....Well worth full paperback price, and I'm quite glad to have it for free." -- Bard Bloom, on LiveJournal

"This is a dark series with a hidden deeper meaning. Malcohn's books are a look at the world we live in. This is not an easy read but it is an important read.... Reading the Deviations series is time well spent." -- Debra, at Goodreads

"Rather than stuff judgments of right and wrong down the reader's throat, Malcohn asks questions, and leads the reader to find his own answers. Further, she develops the ideas of right and wrong from her characters' points of view, and the points of view of her various cultures. ... Get the whole series, and allot a large chunk of time for reading them, because once you pick them up you won't want to put them down." -- Windborn, at HubPages

"[T]he social commentary that is woven throughout the story is thought provoking and makes you reevaluate what you think you know about yourself and society at large." -- Lakisha S, at Manybooks

"If you're looking for a tale that clearly defines good guys and bad guys, this is not your read. But if you're looking for a story filled with immense heart, rich character development, vivid world building and -oh, by the way- is nothing short of great, old fashioned storytelling, you cannot do better than Malcohn's 'Deviations' series." -- K.L. Nappier, at Manybooks

"The series is really good. While reading, I could see myself in the story. It was almost as if I could feel, smell, and touch the other characters. That has not happened for me in a novel in quiet a while." -- David Bennett, at Smashwords

"Read this book. Do read this book....There are echoes here of the impact of modern imperialism in the 'real' world. Malcohn's World is also, of course, our own post-imperial, war-torn world in a era of dawning austerity." -- apidi, at Manybooks

"Love this book [Covenant] and the entire series." -- Ian, at, Manybooks

"Loved this series. Really takes you to a different place. Not for the faint of heart. Once I read the first one....I had to read the rest!" -- holbritter, at Manybooks

"The world is rich, believable and consistent. The situation is brimming with potential. And I, for one, have never read anything quite like it." -- Scott T. Barnes, editor, New Myths

Click on the Covenant link for more reviews.

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Bloodlines is winner of the Sept. 2010 Covey Cover Award.

Deviations: Covenant, first edition, October 2007

How does one attract buyers in a world where the dollar has become increasingly tight?

I asked myself: What happens if you remove the dollar from that equation?

More than just money rides in this world. Time rides. Vision rides. I thank you if you've read my material (bibliography's here), because it means you've spent your hard-earned time paying attention to what I've put out there.

By offering free downloads (distribution allowed, all other rights reserved), I only seem as though I am giving something away. Your time, your interest, and your involvement in something that has stemmed from my ego are blessings I do not for one second take for granted.

And because you are readers, I ask that you share (in all the responsible ways) what you've read, if you enjoy the work as the reviewers quoted here have done. That would truly rock my world.

I am not one to shy away from money offered freely, but I would suggest that if you do want to spend some of that, then support your local library. Or make a donation to the Preditors and Editors Defense Fund, or help out the SFWA Emergency Medical Fund. Even though no royalties have come to me from Aisling Press (more on that situation here), several pennies will go to the Emergency Medical Fund if you buy the first edition of Covenant through this Amazon link.

Or use the money you might have spent buying my book(s) to buy someone else's book(s). Or find your own cause that you care about. Pay it forward.

In his article "Macropayments" (Locus, Sept. 2008), Cory Doctorow writes, "In an ideal world, people without a lot of discretionary income are given the electronic edition (which costs [nearly] nothing to distribute) for free. They act like the breezes that loft the dandelion seeds — they go around, telling people about the book and its merits. In this regard, they’re better than random breezes, for they undertake a directed distribution of the book, seeking to bring it to the attention of people who are likely to have a positive response to it."

If I can come even a smidgen toward approximating an "ideal world," I'll have done my job.

In my current plans, offering free downloads is just the beginning. "Current plans" is the operative term here, because plans can change depending on circumstances. For me, this is about more than having misplaced my trust in a publisher that defaulted. It's about making connections — about meeting readers who have enjoyed my visions (the best ego boost in the world!) and taking that connection further.

I still submit material the old-fashioned way. My website is the best place to check for updates on current and forthcoming work.

Thank you all for coming this far with me, for being there, for your patience, and for your company on this journey!
— Elissa

P.S. I am indebted to Jeffrey A. Carver for his excellent how-to article, "Psst! Wanna Buy a Free Ebook?" (The Bulletin of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Dec. 2008-Jan. 2009). That article and its invaluable tips inspired me to reissue Deviations: Covenant as a free download. You can see what Carver's done with his own work here.


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