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The Deviations series contains mature themes and situations.
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"Since Telzodo deals with a period fifteen years after the earlier novels, the thematic focus of this novel also extends an earlier theme about history, memorialization and the cultural and emotional need to recover and register the past, in particular its atrocities. Characters live on through the written traces they leave in the record and the act of remembering, recuperated from the earlier era of sacrifice and atonement for the killing, becomes central to Telzodo's sense of self. Being half Yata and half Masari, Telzodo is also caught in the predicaments of mixed race, which also come to haunt these societies. There are echoes here of the impact of modern imperialism in the 'real' world. Malcohn's World is also, of course, our own post-imperial, war-torn world in a era of dawning austerity."
-- apidi, on Manybooks

Cover artist: Elissa Malcohn.
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ISBN: 978-0-9819764-4-0
About TelZodo:

Fifteen years have passed since Rudder annexed Promontory. Seventeen years have passed since the Covenant's destruction. Born in-between those two events, TelZodo is coming of age in Crossroads. And he is in trouble.

He should have been a scientist like his parents, Ghost and Piri, but the lab and its corpses terrify him. His freedom from Yata dependence made him a celebrated hybrid child, but he is sterile. Living as a whore and driven to the brink of madness, TelZodo's only salvation is to return to his birthplace, Promontory, a city that once wanted him dead.

Living in Promontory and hobbled by poor health, TripStone's life is equally bleak. The region's austerity has made her hard, and the last thing she wants is a visit from Ghost's "crazy" son.

TelZodo's arrival plunges them into a battle of wills that strips them down to their emotional cores, leaving them no choice but to face their personal demons together -- if they don't kill each other first.

Click here to download Volume 6: Deviations: Second Covenant.

About the Deviations series:

Long ago the Masari and the Yata hunted together in peace, until the species they drove to extinction included those possessing nutrients necessary to Masari survival. The Yata then became the only source of those nutrients. Deviations tells how these peoples cope with the reality of being sentient creatures forced to play the roles of predator and prey, and how several of them try to thwart long-established conventions in the hope of overcoming their biological imperative. In Deviations love triumphs in the midst of death. The series focuses on the social, ethical, and spiritual dilemmas surrounding both the literal cannibalism of the societies involved and the many ways in which their different communities feed off each other.

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