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The Deviations series contains mature themes and situations.
It has been called both science fiction and dark fantasy, but it is not young adult fantasy.
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Second Covenant

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"Five stars out of Five for Deviations: Second Covenant ©2011 by Elissa Malcohn. I have read literally thousands of books in my lifetime. During my time as a critic, this is the first time I’ve offered the same writer five stars twice....

"No longer the diamond in the rough that was Deviations: Covenant, Second Covenant is a fully clarified grade-A gem in the world of speculative fiction. A must read for lovers of the dark side of the genre. This is not your daddy’s science fiction. This is hard core, riveting, and page turning. Everything good fiction should be. And, perhaps most profound is that it is frighteningly believable!"
-- David Roth, Examiner

Cover artist: Elissa Malcohn.
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ISBN: 978-0-9819764-5-7
About Second Covenant:

The voices of the new generation speak out.

Bless struggles to govern Crossroads, now that her father HigherBrook is gone. TelZodo chronicles the Masari's decline as Yata gain control of the region. Caught up in an unpopular argument for increased predation, he doesn't know what to believe in any more.

Abri, Zai's eldest son and a Preserver, must reconcile his sworn oath to hunt Masari with his growing worship of them. He finally understands the true meaning behind his people's ancient myth of the man who had killed his own kind to feed the predators.

Abri's younger brother Evit, following in Ghost's and Piri's footsteps, stumbles on a way to end Masari dependence on Yata flesh. At long last, he can end the curse that has torn the region apart for generations. But his solution throws the valley into chaos.

He has unleashed a power that could destroy the region utterly, even as more and more Yata and Masari embrace it. And in an atmosphere of murder and political intrigue, only the victor will get to rewrite history.

About the Deviations series:

Long ago the Masari and the Yata hunted together in peace, until the species they drove to extinction included those possessing nutrients necessary to Masari survival. The Yata then became the only source of those nutrients. Deviations tells how these peoples cope with the reality of being sentient creatures forced to play the roles of predator and prey, and how several of them try to thwart long-established conventions in the hope of overcoming their biological imperative. In Deviations love triumphs in the midst of death. The series focuses on the social, ethical, and spiritual dilemmas surrounding both the literal cannibalism of the societies involved and the many ways in which their different communities feed off each other.

© 2011, Elissa Malcohn Version 2, 2011-08-04

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