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Welcome to our web site!

Here at DesertCattails we strive for happy and healthy cats. We put a lot of Love into everyone of our cats and kittens.

We specialize in two breeds, RAGDOLLS and ABYSSINIANS.

RAGDOLLS are one of the largest cat breeds around. They have medium length hair that rarely mats. If it does the coming out is quite simple. They are recognized for their deep blue eyes and for their wonderful, loving temperment. At your side through the house just as if they were a small dog. Playful yet lazy. Great company to have around!!!! We have flamepoint, sealpoint, blue mitted bicolor, blue mitted tortie.

ABYSSINIANS have the look of a large cougar or a sly fox or a female lion, only smaller. They have bloodlines from New Zealand. They are annoyingly friendly.  Playful and inquisitive. Once you have owned one you will always want to own one. Large ears smaller bodies and short hair. An egyptian look. We have ruddy, red, fawn, and blue.

A ragdoll baby boy

Here is one of our kittens from the past; Chaos


Abyssinian Kitten Ruddy

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