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Today's News: 18 April 2015 2015:

We are back in the RV community with a new to us 2003 Sunnybrook 2850SL in perfect condition! I decided to keep my short bed 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 quad cab (4 full size doors) diesel truck with the quiet Cummins. Instead of going to one of the heavy and expensive slider hitches I went with the Andersen Ultimate Hitch. This one is amazing because it sets back the trailer just enough to do a 90░ under it, yet hooks up almost instantly to the already installed gooseneck.

Goosenecks are problematic when using adapters that create a lever multiplying the forces on the frame of trailers not designed or gusseted for the extra forces, and directions of the forces that gooseneck trailers require.

This one keeps the forces at the correct original level. You have to see it work and installed/removed to get it. I have the heavier steel version. Even with my bad back I can pick up and install or remove by myself. See it here: http://www.andersenhitches.com/Catalog/ultimate-5th-wheel-connection.aspx and scroll down to watch the videos. They crush the new ultra light aluminum one then tow an oversize trailer with two sand rails in it with the crushed hitch. That video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMW-ynhTatA

 I got mine from the original purchaser, who bought the wrong one for his recessed gooseneck but the exact one for mine, for 1/3 of the price new.

More later.

New friends and old!  Expect the unexpected here.  My warped sense of humor is thrown in for good measure along with the serious side of RVing, and now stationary life. Yes we came off the road to be close to aging parents, and one day will rejoin you hopefully again. 
Our RV and non-RV articles, and other things of interest, are getting uploaded as time permits . There are another 1000 articles that need to be edited, updated,  and uploaded that are already written.  Bringing them up to date takes a lot more time than I thought!  Technology is changing so fast, that by the time I get them updated they'll be out of date!  Accck!  No worry.  We'll keep them as current as is possible with your help, corrections, and comments.  Check back for new articles as I am working them as fast as I can.  Do check the Web Site Use policy and disclaimers if you like a good parody that still works!  It's on the menu to the left.
If you are curious about what we are doing now, and the life of a fulltime RVr we'll share what we know with you here.   A fulltime RVr is someone who sells everything that won't fit in an RV, including the house!  Why?  Well, to travel the US, Canada, and Mexico, in a palace on wheels.  We've been there, done that, for 7 years after retiring from the US Air Force.  I just checked and we have been off the road 10 years now! I already had a second career and retired from that!
RVing was a dream come true, but not without some challenges.  Our newsletters, technical articles, pictures, and the tips and tricks we learned along the way are all here.  We've sure had our share of challenges!
So browse around our virtual campfire.  We hope you enjoy your visit as I start the task of updating the pages here.
As always, Safe Travels!
Derek aka RV Roadie

Our Current Rig - 2003 Sunnybrook 2850 SL
Aluminum Frame Lightweight

Questions/comments?  Email me at RV@rvroadie.com

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