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Computers and wireless
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Articles and links about the latest in computer security for your personal data, as well as my previous and upcoming how-to  articles on tips and tricks for PCs.
As well my past and current research on wireless and wired data services at high speed and where I think they have been and where I think they are going.  These sections will include, but are not limited to, Telephone Companies with their DSL, Cable Modems, Wireless cell phone data and services, WiFi information, as well as emerging technologies like WiMax wireless broadband and Broadband by Powerline (BPL.)  Satellite data news will be covered as appropriate.
It is important to note that all of the articles are information and techniques that work for me on my systems.  You are welcome to use them and see if they work for you, at your own risk.  Unfortunately many folks either have programs that conflict with others that I haven't had experience with in testing, don't follow directions exactly, or use unsafe computer practices online and off.  Since I cannot test other machines in person that read about security here, I can assume no responsibility for lost data, failure to back up your data while you still can, or any other ill effect or loss you incur.
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Computer Tips and Security

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