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Here are some more pictures.


When you start out it seems that every hill is a mountain, and you "white knuckle" every hill you go up, and every hill you go down.  Then just as you think you're getting the hang of it, you see a sign like this! 


Bogart, a 69 pound pedigreed Shar Pei has a face only a mother could love!


Lots of folks can't seem to figire out where to put an office and computer in an RV.  No problem for me!


This one was taken just a couple of years ago.  I was talked into dyeing my hair with a "rinse."  Don't worry she said, it washes out in a few days. NOT!!!  Never again!  Made my hair feel like straw, and I like my salt and pepper.  But you can see that I'll try anything once, well, almost anything.

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