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Wow!  You really came here to wait for our pictures to download?  Don't worry, we dropped the quality intentionally so they load fairly fast.

Sorry to subject you to a picture of ME!
Derek aka RV Roadie


Just an ol' country boy . . . FROM NEW YORK CITY?  Been all over the world, and now all over our continent.  My two guiding sayings are:  People are only as interesting, as they are interested.  And "It ain't what a man knows that gets him in trouble.  It's what he thinks he knows, but just ain't so!"  Will Rogers.

Lynn and Bogart The Wonder Dog

Lynn, and Bogart "The Wonder Dog"

Lynn, who I refer to as my "Significant Harassment," and our "furkid" Bogart.  I call her my SH because she is always coming up with better ways I should be doing things dagnabbit!  Worse, she is usually right!  Don't ever mess with a woman who although a petite 5'2'' tall, drives a one ton diesel dually, and is a finish carpenter to boot!  She is a Cajun by birth and temperament.  Also has been a Deputy City Marshal, banker, and a gazillion other things.  She even reads the directions on stuff!  Kinda smart and capable, but I'll keep her anyway.  We are newlyweds; 32 years this Sept.  It doesn't get any better than that.  (Don't tell her I said that!)

Our Current Rig and Storage Shed

Where we're parked now

Our previous "winter only" quarters in the Louisiana countryside.  We've been stationary here for two years, one getting ready to build a house, and one while I went through the knee surgery and its complications after breaking two ribs when my truck ate me. 12 acres of family property where we built a full hookup RV pad, and a storage shed that we plumbed, wired with 100 Amp service, paneled, insulated, and added climate control.  It has a washer and dryer, as well as a freezer, and even a cedar closet for seasonal clothes.  It is quiet and beautiful out here.

Our First Trailer and Our Then and Current Truck

Our first rig and truck

Our first trailer a 1990 HitchHiker and our 1992 Diesel dually pickup.  We still use the truck with 230k miles on it as our primary tow vehicle.  It runs and starts like new.  It will need a paint job soon, but we think we'll get another 250k miles out of the "Beast."  That Cummins loves to work. 

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